Making raw, organic yogurt is one of the easiest things you can do to improve dairy additions to your diet. The lactobacilli that form the yogurt predigest the sugars found in the milk. These sugars are responsible for many of today's milk allergies. If you wish to include dairy in your diet, then learn to make yogurt or keefir. If you wish to drink milk, you are better off drinking goat or sheep milk, which is far easier for the body to digest. Pay attention to how your body reacts to dairy products. Also, take time to study pages 79 to 82 of Original Fast Foodsas you determine a healthful approach to use dairy products. 

To make yogurt, do the following:
1 gallon raw organic milk
1 to 2 cups yogurt starter (you can obtain any plain yogurt from a local grocer)
Add milk and plain yogurt to a large soup pot and stir together well. Place soup pot into oven at 100 degrees and leave for 24 hours, or whether permitting, place soup pot on a warm kitchen counter in the sunlight. For best results in the oven, do not cover the pan, although you may, if desired. After 24 hours remove the yogurt from the oven, place into containers and refrigerate. This is unsweetened yogurt. I love it plain more than sweetened, however, if you desire to sweeten it, just add fruit before serving. It is delicious and nutritious in a fruited breakfast salad. Enjoy!
After making yogurt the first time, hold back two cups and use this yogurt as a starter the next time you make yogurt, in lieu of using commercial plain yogurt. Repeat this pattern with your starter, each time you make more yogurt.

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Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I have been searching for something like this that was easy for my daughter who wants to start feeding her one year old Yogurt. Store bought yogurts are so full of sugar if they are affordable to her. This is great!
You can also use your dehydrator. I always make 2 quarts at a time. I use one 6 oz cup of organic plain yogurt and split it between the two jars. Then I place a washcloth over them and put in the dehydrator overnight. In the morning I have 2 quarts of yogurt. I simply place a lid on them and put in fridge.
My oven doesn't go down to 100 and I don't think there is a time I could spare it for an entire 24 hours. Is there another way you can heat this?

I put my covered quart jars in a small cooler and pour 100 degree water into the cooler to surround the jars.  The water does cool over time, but it still works.

What is the best place to buy raw organic milk in the Salt Lake area?  I live in Magna. 

Ditto to the previous question:  Where can I get raw milk?  I've already started making my own yoghurt with organic whole milk, but haven't found any raw.  I live in Taylorsville.


  • Aurora: Foote Family Farm, LLC. Utah State inspected and Certified (Utah Department of Agriculture and Food: license #49-1351) raw milk from grass fed cows - cows get no grain . Every delivered batch of milk is tested by Utah Department of Ag to ensure cleanliness. Also available, grass-fed beef, raw milk cheeses from grass fed cows, eggs from grass fed chickens and pork fattened on whey. Their raw milk, grass raised eggs, cheese and meat are available at Realfoods Market, 800 North 420 West in Orem - phone number is (801) 224-0585 . Products are also available in Heber City - call (435) 657-3603. They are glad to do farm tours. Contact Brandon at the farm: or call at (435) 979-3697.
  • Heber City: Foote Family Farms - Real Foods Market, 475 West 910 South, Heber, UT 84032. (866) 244-REAL or (801) 224-0585; . Raw milk.
  • Hildale: Finney Farm Home Dairy, Winford "Finney" Barlow, Phone: (435) 874-2827,, Email: . Raw milk and cheese from Brown Swiss cows. Read his story in testimonials.
  • Ogden: State licenced raw milk. Pasture fed when available. Bob Ropelato, 3945 West 1800 South, Ogden, Utah. (801) 731-0719, Reader Comments: A reader notes that this dairy sells raw milk although their website states they do not recommend it, and they make purchasers sign a waiver.
  • Orem: Real Foods Market, 420 West 800 North, Orem, UT 84057. (866) 244-REAL or (801) 224-0585; . Raw milk.
  • Pleasant Grove: Huckleberry Dairy, 63 East State Road, Steven & Tina Cordner, Mickey Edlefsen, 801-808-0997, , (under construction), All natural grass fed dairy cows producing the wholesome taste of raw milk the way nature intended it.
  • St. George: Foote Family Farms - Real Foods Market, 695 South 100 West, St. George, UT 84770 . (866) 244-REAL or (801) 224-0585; . Raw milk.
  • West Jordan: Drake Family Farm, Jeanette and Ron Drake, West Jordan, UT. (801) 255-6455. Raw Goat Milk. Reader Comments: A reader notes that this dairy sells raw milk although their website states they do not recommend it, and they make purchasers sign a waiver.


Here is a guide for finding raw milk throughout the U.S.


Raw Milk Guide:

I get my raw milk from Huckleberry Dairy, but am in a co-op and take turns driving down to PG and dropping it off in West Jordan.  We only have to drive every month or two, but get fresh milk every week.  If this sounds like something that fits for you, feel free to email me and I can get you info on joining the group.  ktlund at gmail dot com.

How long do you keep it in the dehydrator, and what temperature do you use?  Also, do you use fat-free milk?


Depending upon the dehydrator, many will allow you to place containers inside of them. That works too; during summer months, you can even set it outside with a lid on it, provided your temperature during the day is high enough. I've not really tested to see how low a temperature will work, but I imagine the friendly bacteria would do their job, even if you set it out on your kitchen counter. I don't think they start to go dormant until the temperature drops below about 55 degrees. I'll test this out and let you know. Jim

Set the temperature at 100 degrees and to allow the bacteria to fully digest the sugars, I would give it a full 24 hours, even though it may look done doing it overnight. We want all the lactose completely predigested by the friendly bacteria. I prefer to use raw whole milk, although you want to stir it very well before you start and stir it again after it is done. However, you can certainly remove the cream from raw whole milk, given that it all floats to the top. Below I've added some links that provide information regarding where you can purchase raw milk. Jim

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