Happy 4th of July! 

Neighborhoods across our nation will enjoy a wonderful evening of festivities tonight to celebrate the blessing of independence we enjoy as a nation. As I walked this morning I pondered upon the loss of health and independence I have suffered because of injury or lifestyle choices that have disrupted my vitality and health.

As I walked, I also wished many I met along the walking path a happy 4th of July and was subsequently inspired with the thought of the many fours in my life that are enabling me to gain back my independence and health. Recently, after doing all I know how to do to regain my vitality I recognized yet again, that without God's help I cannot attain the help I desire. I therefore asked Him for the power and the knowledge to become entirely healthy once again. He has subsequently enabled a process within me that is helping me to become much stronger in matters of everyday health. Allow me on this 4th of July to share some observations regarding health independence with you that address the whole person -- body, mind, and spirit.


  1. Walk: On this 4th of July I am reminded how much I love to get up early each morning and go for a four-mile walk. It stimulates both my cardiovascular and lymphatic systems and strengthens me. It's wonderful!
  2. Body-Weight Exercises: I am reminded also that I love to do four sets of squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and isometrics daily. These exercises can be done anywhere to strengthen me further.
  3. Water: I love to drink four 16-ounce glasses of water daily -- one glass during each meal and one when I first awaken in the morning. It hydrates me and prevents false hunger and much unnecessary caloric intake.
  4. Fruits: I love to eat four fruits daily. I love my fruit and how good I feel when I enjoy it alone until my noon meal and a bit to satisfy my sweet tooth each evening.
  5. Vegetables: I love to eat four pounds of vegetables daily. This may seem like a lot of vegetables; it isn't really and represents only about 400 calories of intake -- albeit the most nutrient-dense of the calories I consume each day. 
  6. Grains: I love to enjoy four ounces of properly-prepared wheat daily, especially to compliment my lunch and dinner meals when I consume lots of vegetables. 
  7. Sound Sleep: And I love to enjoy four ounces of tryptophan-rich food each evening, which helps me fall into a deep, healing, and rejuvenating four hours of sleep during the most important sleeping hours of 10:00 to 2:00 p.m., followed up by four more hours of pleasant, peaceful, and inspiring dreams. These foods include raw yogurt and cheeses, fish such as Salmon, meat, legumes of all kinds, and eggs.

Mind and Spirit

While each of the above definitely supports vitality and longevity, the above applications are insufficient in and of themselves to enable best health. Only as we recognize our limitations and failures in matters of health and take them to God, is His grace sufficient for all who will humble themselves before Him; for if we humble ourselves before Him, and we have faith in Him, then will He make weak things become strong unto us. The process for enabling great health includes the following mental and spiritual calisthenics:

  1. Honesty: We are beings of light and intelligence. A lack of honesty in anything allows darkness and lies to enter into us. Evil influences maintain the lies we harbor until we confess and forsake them. By comparison, complete honesty is the first step towards walking in pure light and truth. We must come to recognize and acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings. We are powerless to overcome them without receiving God’s power and perfecting influence. As we recognize our "best" efforts do not produce manageable results, we arrive at the crossroads of true hope.
  2. Hope: We must cultivate hope that through God’s power and perfecting influence we will be enabled to overcome our weakness and be made strong. Such hope is enabled as we remember that God has the power to keep His promises to us; He is God today and will be God from everlasting to everlasting. We hope because of His goodness and mercy, in which there is no variableness or changing. We hope because He is a God of truth and does not and cannot lie. We hope because He is no respecter of persons and as we voluntarily act in accordance with His will, we are assured the progress we desire. We hope because of His perfect love for us. We hope because He is omniscient and does not make mistakes and because He is perfectly just as He exercises judgment over us. We hope because He never asks anything of us that we cannot do. And finally, we hope as we remember that He has promised that we can for sake sin, come unto Him, call upon his name, obey His voice and commandments and by so doing move further into the light and away from darkness. He will lift us from anything that oppresses us, if we but ask in faith.
  3. Faith: As we attain a perfect brightness of hope in God we begin to exercise our faith in Him by surrendering the care of our lives over to Him and by accepting Him as our guide and Master. This requires that we lay down our will to seek earnestly to know and do His will, which is customized by Him for us to enable our weaknesses to become strong unto us. Consider a well-broke horse that yields to the gentle commands of its rider. So too must we approach God with a desire and willingness to obey His voice and to yield to all manner of revelation received from Him.
  4. Truth Journal: As we follow God’s will for us, we will feel a desire to have various weaknesses be made strong unto us. Take the time to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of your weaknesses and strengths in your journal. Then, as you continue this process, make a record as your weak things are made strong unto you.
  5. Confession: After creating an inventory of weaknesses and strengths, we gain further strength in the process as we share the exact nature of our weaknesses with God in prayer. To the extent you can trust a support group, spouse, or others, you will add  strength to the process as you clearly, honestly, and simply share your weakness with others. Strength over darkness comes as wrongful actions are understood clearly; however, dwelling upon mistakes can also give power to mistakes, which can only be overcome by moving further into God's light. Therefore be sure to maintain a proper balance when it comes to clearly articulating your mistakes and wrong doings.
  6. Change of Heart: As you become clear regarding your weakness and become filled with a perfect brightness of hope regarding God's ability and desire to help you, you will experience a "mighty change of heart," which everyone experiences as they bring God's power and perfect influence into their lives. As you feel this mighty change, your disposition towards weakness will lessen and your spark of "will" towards becoming strong will strengthen. Savor this anticipation and the sureness you feel toward your pending success. (see Holiness.)
  7. Humility: Ask God to turn your weakness into strengths and to remove your shortcomings. As you do so, remember His promise -- ask and you shall receive.
  8. Seek Forgiveness: Become right with all men by listing in your truth journal those you have harmed and the nature of the wrongs you have done. Be honest and forthright so that you have power over darkness in these matters.
  9. Restitution and Reconciliation: To the extent possible, make direct restitution to all persons you have harmed. Cause no harm to others during this process.
  10. Daily Accountability: As your weakness is being made strong, you may make mistakes from time to time. When you make a mistake or do wrong, promptly admit it. This secures you within the path of light. As you remain true to this process, God will enable you to grow from grace to grace throughout your lifetime in all things.
  11. Do God's Will Daily: The easiest path in life is to seek, learn, and do God's will daily. As you do your best, He will provide all else that is needed for you to do what He has asked of you. For example, as David ran forth to slay Goliath, his obedience to God's will resulted in the promise that God's power and influence would help to mold and to shape the outcome of this event. So it is with each of us. By doing God's will in all things we invoke His sacred promise to us to supply all else that is needed in order for us to do whatsoever things He asks of us. It is by doing His will that all things become possible to us. (See Mustard Seed.)
  12. Kindness and Service to Others: As you experience the spiritual awakening that results in a mighty change of heart, a perfect brightness of hope will anchor you to the process that enables weak things to become strong unto you. Go about doing good continually and share this message with others. In all you do, ground yourself to this process. As you do so, these principles will become embedded sufficiently within you to qualify you to enter into the rest of the Lord and to be made a partaker of the heavenly gift, which is to become God's own heir. (See Redemption.)
Our nation is experiencing a spiritual drought. To the extent any of us do not fully enable a mighty change within that persists within daily, then our lives are in need of a midcourse correction. Condemnation follows us if we do not preserve this condition unto ourselves. This mighty spiritual awakening endures in our individual lives only as we come unto Him and call upon His name daily, and as we ask and learn from Him what His will for us is that day. Then, we are to straightway set aside the cares of the world and the honors of men to follow Him by going about doing good continually. May we and this great nation call upon God and make this mid-course correction before it is everlastingly too late.

Have we sufficiently remembered the sacrifices made by our forefathers to establish this great nation? Do we sufficiently remember God's mercy and long-suffering towards us? Do we remember how the hearts of our fathers were drawn out fully to God as they recognized their own inability to establish independence against the powers of Great Britain? Do we remember that we were delivered from the greatest military power on earth and by what power the impossible was made possible to establish one nation under God?

Do we remember the mighty change of heart experienced by our forefathers as they became spiritually born and as David before Goliath they too learned to make the impossible become possible and established this nation? Only as the image of God and His power rested upon our collective forefathers did this great nation become redeemed from the darkest powers on earth, to be lifted up among all nations?

Do we imagine that our great history is sufficient to guarantee that our liberties will never be taken from us? If so, then we imagine vainly, for the God of this land has stated that this land is reserved for a people who will love and serve Him. The steps listed above will not only enable your perfect health but represent the process required of every American if we would not be smitten, scattered, trodden upon, and destroyed by other nations. If we would remain free, then let us serve God -- in whom we trust -- and let us enable this great process for each and every weakness we possess. 

Colleen and I will be offering a series of classes and webinars to help those who are interested to enable the above process to obtain their ideal body weight and health. This will be a life-changing experience for all who participate and is what has occupied my time during the past couple of years as I have sought to recover from a life-changing injury and secondary conditions that occurred from that injury and complicated my recovery. This experience has helped to "tune me up" to better understand my purpose and mission as I seek to help others achieve greater health and happiness. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have a desire to participate in this new series of classes.

All Our Best!
Jim and Colleen

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Oh yes, I would like to participate in your new series of classes! I so look forward to your words of reminder and inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections with us. Happy Independence Day!
I would love to participate, Bonnie Hansen

I have a great need - physically and spiritually - and I would be forever grateful to have any help I can get for the journey!  I need to be like the woman in the story you've recently shared who is now "half of her former self"....I need the help, and my family needs me to help them, so the timing is perfect.

Thanks so much for your desire and efforts to serve!!


Sounds wonderful!  I would love to have my whole family participate.  This is just what we need.. asap! The web would be good for us since we don't live close to you.  Thank you!

yes - I would like to participate.



I would like very much to participate.


I would love to participate. How can I help others until I have lost excess weight and pain. I need support as I strive to implement what I have learned?

Thanks for all your efforts.


I would like to participate.
Okay, to help you get started immediately I've just written the following article:

Wanna Get Slim and Healthy?

Read it and if you can, you are each invited to join us tomorrow at our home at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon for an impromptu class that Colleen and I are hosting to teach how to make the recipes included in this article, including how to make naturally leavened bread. If you want to attend or have friends you would like to invite as well, that is fine. Just give Colleen a call at 801-310-9151 so that we do not overbook the class.

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