I have just recently begun reading the book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," by Barbara Kingsolver. While I do not agree with all of her words, these words that she wrote in the first chapter struck me like a lightening bolt.


"No cashier held a gun to our heads and made us supersize it, true enough. But humans have a built-in weakness for fats and sugar. We evolved in lean environments where it was a big plus for survival to gorge on calorie-dense foods whenever we found them. Whether or not they understand the biology, food marketers know the weakness and have exploited it without mercy. Obesity is generally viewed as a failure of personal resolve, with no acknowledgement of the genuine conspiracy in this historical scheme. People actually did sit in strategy meetings discussing ways to get all those surplus calories into people who neither needed nor wished to consume them. Children have been targeted especially; food companies spend over $10 billion a year selling food brands to kids, and it isn't broccoli they're pushing......"   (Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Vegetable, Miracle, p 18)


My point in sharing this is to reaffirm my gratitude for living prophets and the words of the Lord through his scriptures, who can warn and forewarn us, of the evils and designs of men in these latter days. This affirms my faith in following the Word of Wisdom as outlined in the Doctrine and Covenants. How grateful I am for this principle which, if followed with faith, will allow me to receive greater light and knowledge and "hidden treasures."


Thank you also for this web site, which allows us a forum and a safe place to discuss our beliefs and receive encouragement from others. I have learned SO much from reading the articles posted.

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I've been somewhat reticent to go into detail regarding conspiring men; however, I heard a definition of "to conspire" that aligns with the thoughts of your post perfectly. Essentially, to conspire means that people meet in secret for the purpose of creating strategies to get gain from others.

Compare the difference between the Counsel of the Twelve or a primary presidency meeting in private to discuss the welfare of others, versus men or women who are conspiring to fill their pocketbooks.

Food science has come a long ways; I recommend that you read and carefully study pages 29 through 33 of Original Fast Foods (Chapter Three). It is my way of addressing addictive foods, many of which exist because of the ability of food scientists to manipulate flavor, texture, and addictive qualities of certain foods. Read, learn, enjoy, and keep the uplifting and educational comments flowing!

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