Many people you know have an unnecessary vision problem ruining their life!

Did you know that 1 out of 12 people (so many people you know) have a totally-curable vision disorder that is rarely diagnosed and makes it difficult or impossible to read, do well in school, or do many normal things in life.  Half of the kids in "resource" (according to the statistics in this video) don't need to be there but are there because of this undiagnosed vision problem.
The problem can be Binocular Vision Disorder or Convergence Insufficiency Disorder -- both Eye Tracking Issues.  Once diagnosed, these problems can be cured with a few months of eye therapy.  I wonder how many people with "dyslexia" really have this!
So, what do you do?  It's easy!  
1)  If you have a facebook account, click on this link and "Like" it:
This will give them thousands of likes that will help them have clout as they take the newly-written law proposal to the Utah State Legislature.
2)  Go to the Find Your Focus Foundation website (, watch the 5-min. video clip, and the start helping people you know to understand that this might be their or their children's problem with reading, school, and lots of other things.  The little girl in the video couldn't play soccer because she always saw 2 balls -- and had all her life, so she thought it was normal and how everyone sees.  She now is soaring in school and playing soccer!
Take care. 
p.s.  Read Janet Blackwelder's email below to find out what's being done to pass a law making it possible to test for this vision problem at every school via school nurses.
p.p.s.  Few eye doctors have the training and know-how to deal with this.  The p.s. at the end of Janet's email below tells you what kind of eye doctor you need.
From Janet Blackwelder:

I am Janet Blackwelder  serve on the Board of Find Your Focus Foundation.  We have managed to get the law rewritten (which in the past only has tested students for eye problems concerning 20/20 vision and not for near point or vision for reading).  We know there are other eye problems besides 20/20 vision problems and want to be able to administer a comprehensive eye test to all students via school nurses .   The revised law will head now  to the Utah State Congress for a vote.  In order to show that this is not a “one man effort”  it would be most helpful if we had at least 1,000 “Likes” to give some clout & credibility with the legislators.  So, we beg you to “Like” us!  If you have a “Facebook” account please help us out.  If you are not on “Facebook”  let your friends and  relatives spread the word to those who use “Facebook.   Please watch the video and check out the website  even if you are not on Facebook or from Utah the information could be life changing for someone in your life.

Comprehensive Eye Testing has helped kids and adults, as it opens up their lives for success and happiness by of their added ability to see correctly and thus to learn more easily- promoting added success in basic life situations, especially the classroom where proper vision is imperative to learning.  This is truly life changing!  I know,  first hand, in my own family and circle of friends, the changes in the lives of people who have struggled- not knowing that the problem was a visual one that really could have been solved if only the person had known about this.   This is an area that I am very passionate about and feel that we can do much good in having this happen in our schools. 

Thanking  you in advance for your help in getting out the word!


Janet  Blackwelder

p.s.  There are many types of eye doctors, but to properly address this issue of vision they NEED to have a certification of FCOVD (Fellow College of Vision Development).

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