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I am Dr. Chris Chapman, I am a NUCCA chiropractor. I have practiced NUCCA in Provo, Utah since 1998 and am most grateful to have had the opportunity to have helped many people with their various health challenges, many of who had not found answers anywhere else. I chose the name “The Mending Path” as the name of my Blog because healing, more often than not, is a journey. And any journey needs to start with the simple hope of reaching ones destination. We have allheard people speak of “the road to recovery”, and we seem to innately
understand that when we are healing, we are moving in a direction of
improvement… that we are in a process of getting better, not worse. Whether you
have just begun your healing journey, or whether you have been in the process
for many years, we hope you find encouraging words of wisdom, support and answers to your questions on my blog.

Those who have not felt that their underlying health issues are being addressed, understood or even recognized might find the answers and hope here over the next months as ideas and comments are posted.

The more complicated the health problem, the more complex the needed healing resource. One resource that could be more readily tapped into is: our body’s own healing capability. A simple example of this ability is found in the old fable of the mouse pulling the thorn out of the lions paw. Healing was somehow being held back until the simple little thorn was removed. Simple, but powerful. Imagine, locating the cause, then removing it...

In our present "big pharma" influenced health system, "solutions to our health problems" come in little white bags from the pharmacy, which often mask or palliate symptoms rather than getting to underlying causes. Thus, the underlying problem—the “thorn in our own paws” can remain hidden indefinitely.

Therefore, finding the path to getting well can be obscure, particularly if a focus on symptomatic treatment prevails over a successful search for cause. In some cases that path to healing can be obscured by conflicting philosophies and preconceived notions which can produce widely variant diagnoses. There is much confusion today, as practitioners divide up the pie of human suffering—and that confusion permeates our society and affects each one of us.

How does one find the way? This blog, The Mending Path, will provide a platform where ideas about healing can be logically and plainly presented and discussed. i don't have all the answers, but I have discovered simple, powerful solutions to vexing health problems by looking to cause rather than symptom management. My intent is to provide a collection of ideas that make sense. It is my hope that a rational array of intelligence will emerge as this blog develops. But I need your help. I need your questions and your input. I will try to help you understand your symptoms and offer you a refreshing “second opinion”, and hopefully, you will begin to understand more fully your symptoms picture and what those symptoms mean—and how they can be resolved, not covered up. We want to provide you with the knowledge of how to become well—and, how to stay well. There is a better way. That “better way” has worked for thousands of my patients, resulting in less suffering and lower costs.

At NUCCA Spinal Centers, we have found the "thorn in the lions paw", and we know how to remove it so the body can embark on the mending path.

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Comment by Kisi Watkins on February 28, 2010 at 8:30am
Thanks, Chris. Great answer and comment. What I am realizing more and more is how interconnected everything is, including all of us as people. In our western culture we tend to think of ourselves as individuals, and our approach to healing and to almost all problems is done through a very compartmentalized system. If we have an ingrown toenail, we go to an ingrown toenail specialist, etc. Non-western cultures view things holistically, like how you're describing things. When someone's C1 is "put to right", they have a window open up to deal with emotional things and other issues and ailments that they have not previously had good access to. I've seen this kind of thing with many variations on it -- for example, if someone changes their diet and starts eating healthier, as their body begins to cleanse out toxins that have been stored in their cells, emotional issues (also stored in the cells, by the way) will come to the surface, and there's a window/opportunity opened up there to deal with things. If we don't take advantage of the window, though, we will do things to close the window and to put things back as they were -- including C1.

I really like the whole NUCCA approach. C1 being aligned at neutral, which then opens up the flow of the three things you mentioned (nerve conduction, fluid flow, and energy flow), is going to provide an enormous opportunity for people to heal from so many things. It will turn the light on to whatever else is going on and begin to provide the power necessary to change things.
Comment by Chris Chapman on February 27, 2010 at 4:06pm
Can our thoughts effect the position of our Atlas?

Yes, this is a good question. You are talking about an interesting human phenomenon. We seem to recreate our stories in our mind and thus we recreate everything around us—Including the physical distortions in our bodies. I can’t help but think of Shrek (my favorite Ogre) trying to explain his enigmatic behavior to his trusty companion the Donkey that “Ogre’s are like onions”. It seems that Shrek was working on deeper layers within.
It’s difficult to differentiate and determine the “core layer”, since disturbances and imbalances sort of get all tangled up with each other over time. The internal pattern of thought and belief weave the tapestry of our life creating and re-creating the patterns that we have come to expect over and over again, with very little visible variations. The distortions in our mind, i.e., our ‘thoughtword” can create a distortion outwardly in our manifested world, including our bodies. So I would have to say yes, they would create a structurally unstable set of “constants” that would throw C1 off over and over again, but it may not be a necessity, just a probability.
Hence, determining which layer is “core” verses secondary, etc., is, at best, ambiguous. What I have observed in clinical practice is: there is very often an underlying emotional or spiritual “snag” that creates a distinct pattern in thought, and those thought patterns create a pattern in behavior, and those behaviors give rise to our basic inclinations, interactions, repercussions, etc., shaping our lives—shaping our “conversations” (inside and outside our own minds) to our outward postures and dispositions. Our entire complexes of interactions become patterned. It is a viscous cycle—viscous because it is a self perpetuating and self-feeding cycle. I think this is why it hurts. This approach brings to mind the old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” We observe that they give rise to one another, but no one really knows.
Interestingly, one can access the body through the mind, or, you can access the mind through the body. I have not yet seen C1 corrected by suggestion or by emotional work, but I have seen emotional work and suggestion highly accentuated following the alignment of C1. In many cases, correcting C1 triggers a series of complex emotional processes which seem to “power up” the body’s resources to heal. I have found that patients are very susceptible to emotional healing right after they have their C1 aligned in context with their heads because it affects and balances three main carriers which maintain flow dynamics through this anatomical corridor.
1. Electrochemical “flow” -Nerve conduction
2. Fluid Flow: Blood (arterial and venous), Lymph and Cerebrospinal Fluid
3. Qi (Chi) Energy flow
I suspect that one reason for the immense emotional healing that opens up to patients following a NUCCA Atlas Correction (not merely a chiro-adjustment) is because the Atlas misalignment may be so closely associated with the traumatic event in the first place. There is very often physical trauma associated with emotional trauma. Most forms of violence will dislodge the Atlas (C1) from its’ proper perch atop the Axis (C2). This injury will restrict and congest the various flow dynamics of not only the 3 carriers mentioned above, but adds a new interesting “twist” to the injured structures: an emotional avalanche of injury. Somehow, gently realigning the head and neck through the Atlas allows healing at all levels with very few exceptions. If you are that exception—don’t give up! There is hope. Combining therapies can be very effective. (I am not talking about pharmacology) Those interested may respond to this post.
Folks interested in processing emotional trauma are given a huge leg up when they correct the vital corridor between the crown and the corpus regardless of which came first.
Dr. Chris Chapman, DC
NUCCA Spinal Centers

Comment by Kisi Watkins on February 23, 2010 at 11:38pm
Great blog, Chris. Have you seen examples of problems where C1 being off wasn't the bottom or core layer? Have you seen the bottom layer be an emotional issue or maybe lack of blood supply inside the brain, etc.? I can imagine that if for some reason someone has an emotional problem of a certain nature, then they might need C1 to be off and will subconsciously create something that will make it so.


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