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  • Energy Mix

    Energy Mix 01:12

    Combine whole wheat, and choice of nuts and seeds; soak 24 hours, then rinse we and allow to sit in… Tags: dckc5 James Simmons Apr 22, 2010 332 views

  • Raw Oatmeal Cookies

    Raw Oatmeal Cookies 06:50

    These raw cookies are simple to make and have been described as wickedly delicious. Our children lo… Tags: dckc5, extras James Simmons Mar 17, 2010 1843 views

  • Taco Soup

    Taco Soup 03:31

    Lovely, simple five minute soup. See complete recipe on page 168 of Original Fast Foods. If you are… Tags: dckc5, soups James Simmons Feb 10, 2010 855 views

  • NL Flat Bread

    NL Flat Bread 03:44

    For Naturally Leavened Starter, send a self-addressed stamped envelope, plus $5.00 to: Bread Start… Tags: dckc5, grains James Simmons Feb 5, 2010 672 views

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