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Irrevocable laws govern human health, and it is upon these laws that the blessings of health and happiness rest. The laws of human health address the full spectrum of realities that influence the life of each cell within us. By in large, we each have the same number of bones, the same organs, and the same basic body systems - the sum of which make us. Moreover, we share the same basic needs for peace, love, and justice. And as our physical and spiritual needs are best nurtured, desired outcomes for health and happiness are achieved. By comparison, as we fail to understand or correctly apply the laws of love, peace, health, and happiness our health outcomes diminish.

Consider for a moment the lot of the unforgiving soul who allows the roots of bitterness to enter the heart. Within the the heart deeply buried offenses, whenever fed by remembrance, spring up to kill our joy, steal our peace, and our strength (see Nephi's Psalm). Consider the sweet fruit of the mulberry tree, which is a type of the Tree of Life, and compare its fruit with the fruit of the sycamine tree. Both trees are similar in appearance but one bares sweet and the other bares bitter fruit. The sweet fruit of the mulberry tree may be eaten and enjoyed freely, yet the sour fruit of the sycamine tree can only be tolerated if one nibbles at it slowly, for no person can withstand so much bitterness at any given time.

The roots of sycamine trees grow swiftly and reach down deeply in the earth insomuch that even cutting such a tree at its base will not kill or eradicate the tree, but it will grow back. And its trunk and branches grow so swiftly that the wood of the tree is used to make caskets.

While teaching his apostles to overcome the bitter fruits of unforgiveness, Christ taught that if they could muster even the tiny faith of a mustard seed, then they could command the sycamine tree, or the tree of bitterness and offense within them, to be plucked up by its very roots and to be cast into the sea, which is to be eradicated forever.

By comparison, as we perpetually nibble at the bitter fruit of unforgiveness we become bitter, sour, and impoverished spiritually. And the death of true spiritual happiness marks the beginning of a slow, painful, and even the bitter death of the physical body. Such people often become defeated, depressed, financially impoverished, diseased, and ultimately die prematurely and unhappily. 

No wonder Christ instructed his disciples in the way to overcome unforgiveness and to not allow the bitter fruit of offense to take root or to grow within us. He chose the fastest growing tree that yielded bitter fruit as a type for us. Even its wood, used in casket making, is a shadow and type of the death or the outcome of all who do not forgive the offenses of others. It leads to the killing of the most important gift any of us can receive, God's perfect love (charity).

Happily, our creator gave instruction to us insomuch that the tree of everlasting life might grow up within each of us to produce the sweet fruits of God's perfect love, in contrast to the bitter tree and mixed and bitter fruits we will otherwise bring forth, which lead to the real demising of the human condition. God gave us his Son who taught how to receive and to retain the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost unto our becoming sanctified and being made perfect, holy, and without spot in Christ.

This is another way of saying that by the power of the Holy Ghost alone enables the tree of life, which produces live- and health-giving fruit, to grow up within us. And as we follow his Son we come to understand how to be continually filled with love toward God and all men. We learn to forgive others as we would be forgiven, to walk justly one with another, and to lift, serve, and love one another as Jesus loves us. This booklet squarely address how to make this process come to full life within us.

We are also instructed by God how to best meet the physical needs of our bodies. And as we address both our spiritual and the physical needs, our mortal tabernacles become temples wherein God's spirit may abide in us continually and we can enjoy great health. As a tree of life thus grows up within us, the fruit of our lives is sweet and the love of God abides in us continually.

The laws that govern our greatest spiritual health are addressed in the booklet, "A Tabernacle of God." Laws that govern the physical health are addressed in the book Original Fast Foods. Both are needed to truly come to achieve great vitality and joy.

Therefore, to gain the most from Original Fast Foods be sure to read, study, and ponder solemnly upon the words taught in A Tabernacle of God, which teaches the process whereby correct lifestyle principles can be quickened within you to enable the lifestyle solutions that will endure for a lifetime.


Download A Tabernacle of God eBook 

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