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Let's talk long-term breakfast strategies that lead to the enjoyment of great nutrition for diabetics and those who are insulin resistant (about 98 percent of today's population). This strategy employs the old adage, "Eat breakfast like a Prince, lunch like a King, and dinner like a Pauper." While I enjoy drinking "high nutrient drinks," such as vegetable and fruit juices or smoothies from time to time, they are not recommended as a daily feature for the diabetic unless such persons can discipline themselves to sip and savor juiced or blended drinks over a two or three hour period, while also drinking water during this period as well.

It is best for everyone, but especially diabetics, to sip and savor such drinks. Their sugars enter the bloodstream five or six times faster than nature designed those sugars to enter the bloodstream. Gulping and guzzling juiced and blended drinks leads to elevated blood-sugar levels for diabetics. In working with overweight diabetics we routinely see blood-sugar levels eclipse 600 mg/dl and stay there for over 4 hours. This spells death to thousands of cells including cells of the optic nerves, organ cells, and cells of the nervous system in general. When blood-sugar levels remain chronically high, steady damage leads to blindness, organ failure, amputations, and so forth. For this reason it is not wise to speed up digestion rates beyond nature's design by blending foods into micro particles that are absorbed so swiftly.

If you choose to use juicing of fruits and vegetables, or the blending of smoothies and you are diabetic, sip and savor your drinks and monitor blood-sugar levels until you get a good feel for how to enjoy them without causing blood-sugar levels to soar. Be wise and chew most of your food rather than drink it. For example, rather than blend greens and fruits for breakfast, try the following breakfast salad.

Breakfast Fruited Salad!
During a cleanse or anytime a fruited leafy green salad with some berries and nuts on top is a great way to start your day. I enjoy this dish topped with unsweetened, homemade greek yogurt, and if I am going to be doing something physically demanding I will enjoy some additional fruit and/or good ole fashion oatmeal or some other great grain dish.

A Few Other Sound Breakfast Ideas:

  • Oatmeal Fruited Romaine
  • Fruited Rice Salad
  • Whole Fruit
  • Whole Fruit with a Side of Leafy Greens
  • Oatmeal Delight (see page 131 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Hash Browns (see page 133 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Muesli (see page 131 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Pancakes/Waffles (see page 131 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Raw Berry Oats (see page 132 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Raw Trail Mix (see page 133 of Original Fast Foods)
  • French Toast (see page 132 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Super Granola Mix (see page 131 of Original Fast Foods)
  • Satiating Breakfast Salad
  • Breakfast Veggie Omelet
For times you wish to enjoy juiced or blended drinks, enjoy some of our favorite drinks that follow:
Take your time and get to know these breakfast ideas, and when you choose to drink your breakfast the longer you make that drink last through sipping and savoring, rather than gulping and guzzling, the better off you will be short- and long-term. If you find these thoughts and breakfast ideas to be helpful, be sure to "Share, Facebook, and twitter" them with others. Best! 

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