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The recently re-popularized juice-feasting that has helped many people cleanse and renew during the past century is based upon a gallon of vegetable and fruit (3:1 ratio) juices drank daily and includes daily enemas. While juicing is a time-honored method of facilitating cleansing and renewal in the body, cleansing can actually be enhanced further by adding all-you-can eat raw vegetables during the cleanse, along with sufficient whole fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. By adding this component you can do away with the daily enemas because you will enjoy plenty of fiber that will aid the cleansing processes.

1 lb leafy greens (This drink has a combination of kale, spinach, and romaine lettuce juices)
4 Napa Cabbage leaves (very high in zinc - best of all vegetables for zinc)
1 large cucumber
1 head celery
4 large carrots
6 apples
1/4 lemon
2" ginger root

Juice all ingredients and mix together well. Drink one cup at a time throughout the day from morning until evening. Supplement drink with choices of veggie salads, fruited leafy green salads, and raw veggie platters. 

Raw Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds

Don't get complicated! Ask God for the help you need; listen to the inner intelligence of your body and enjoy the process of putting a glow back into your eyes and your skin, to feel great strength enter your limbs and muscles, and to enjoy greater mental clarity and focus.

Mind and Spirit

  1. Awake to all inner darkness. 
  2. Forsake, renounce, and give it up once and for all. 
  3. Ask God for the instructions to do whatever it takes to walk into His pure light.
  4. As you begin to obey His instructions to you with exactness, ask also for forgiveness and for a remission of your sins or darkness through His grace, that your darkness ceases to have any power over you and that you have no more disposition toward evil. Retain a remission of your sins by doing the following:
  5. Pray always and obey with exactness all further instruction He will give to you from day to day and minute to minute as you continue to surrender your will to His. 
  6. Keep His commandments! By so doing you will enjoy a continual protective shield of light that prevents principalities of darkness from gaining influence over your spirit and causing you to wander. Forgive others, ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged. Honor your father and mother, obey the sabbath, be sexually pure, walk justly and be honest in all your dealings with others, never doing to another that which you will not want done unto yourself. Lift your neighbor the way you would want to be lifted and ask God for a remembrance of all His tender mercies and blessings in your life that you may truly love God with all your heart, might, mind, and soul.
  7. Heed the invitations of goodness and light that encourage you to go about doing good continually.

Eating rightly is insufficient if you are battling inner darkness of any kind, such as an unforgiving attitude, sexual impurity, anger, pride, or anything else that destroys your inner peace and which allows the enemy of your soul to take up residence within you. True cleansing only occurs as dietary intake, proper rest, adequate exercise, sunshine, air, thoughts and actions align simultaneously and enable you to lay hold upon promised blessings of heaven. By heaven's power your heart beats and you enjoy each breath you take; if you would be quickened and strengthen in body, mind, and spirit then awake, arise, and put on your beautiful garments of light! Be made a mighty person in Christ!

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The recipe for the juice includes 1 large cucumber and then 1 head cucumber--which I am sure is an error--did you mean 1 head cabbage? I'd really like to try this cleanse, but want to be sure I get it right.


Arlene Bascom

Thanks Arlene, that would be one head of celery! You can use any vegetables, including cabbage, that you would like to use. In fact, the more you expand the variety of your juicing choices daily, the fuller the spectrum of cleansing and renewing micronutrients you will experience. Jim

This is simply an option for a cleanse that is based upon high nutrient drinks, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Green Smoothies are also high-nutrient drinks, which can be employed as well in effective cleansing and renewal.

Teri, I make juice with my Vita-Mix blender.  I just add a small amount of water, as needed, then the greens, celery, etc. and blend it.  After blending, I pour the liquid into a "nut milk" bag and squeeze the juice into a bowl.  Works great!  You can buy nut milk bags online, or buy the smaller size of paint strainer bags at Home Depot.

Hi Jil, There are different views on this.  Some people prefer to juice, while others prefer to drink smoothies - leaving the fiber in.  If you want to juice, using a nut milk bag is one way to do it.  I think either choice is healthy.  :)  You just don't want to overdo it on the fruit juice.  Some say that our bodies have to separate the fiber out anyway, so we are giving our digestive system a rest when we drink juice.  

I imagine a coffee filter would be much too dense and/or would take too long to filter the juice out.  But I've never tried it.  If you try it, let us know!

I have been doing this religiously for 9 days now (since the post) and feel wonderful. I lost a little, but now my body is just staying the same size and weight. I wonder why?

With this much juice, fruit, veggies, and dip, this is more of a strengthening cleanse than a calorie-restricted weight-loss protocol. Feeling good is always associated when a combination of tremendous nutritional strength and digestive ease come together. Weight loss requires that energy input is less than energy output.

Thank you, this is true! I will work on that!

I love the spiritual component to this! It makes it a total body/spirit cleanse! I just started juicing on Monday and have lost 4 lbs and my pants are noticeably looser! Since I work away from home and am gone sometimes 12-15 hours including commute and split shift work, it is challenging but I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", and since I am grossly obese, I must do something, How grateful I am for our Heavenly Fathers grace! I have 180 lbs to release and pray for strength to accomplish this! I have tried many times but feel good about this one!

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