Let me begin this discussion about preparation by saying that Isaiah leads discerning students to understand that no physical preparations will save those in the "great and terrible day of the Lord" who are not prepared spiritually -- not guns, food, tents, caves, or holes in the rocks. To those who are not spiritually prepared, they will see the day wherein all such physical preparations become irrelevant. 

While we should not delay in our obedience regarding the counsels of prophets when it comes to securing our 72-hour kits, three-month supply, and beyond, Isaiah differentiates between the spiritually prepared and those who are not. The first will survive that day, but the second will be driven, scattered, smitten, and carried away into captivity -- no matter their physical preparations. He warns in unmistakable terms that all who trust in the arm of flesh, rather than in God will be destroyed (all is pretty inclusive).

Now consider Jacob's instruction to first obtain a hope in Christ before we seek riches, and consider my adaptation of Jacob's words based upon viewing his words as a shadow and type for "Emergency Preparedness": "Before you seek greater physical preparation than that counseled by the Brethren, first obtain a perfect hope in Christ (calling and election), and then if ye seek for greater physical preparation for emergencies than that counseled by the Brethren, it will be with the intent to lift and serve others in the great day of the Lord, and not to secure yourselves, for your true security lies in your obedience to the Lord alone and in his covenant promises to repentant Israel who are obedient. And all that you lay up in store is to be consecrated solely for the Lord's purposes, to be used and distributed according to his perfect will in all things."

Jacob's message about riches is a type and shadow for us when it comes to physical preparation. He encourages us to share our riches or "physical preparations" with others that all might be made rich or "prepared for disaster" like unto ourselves. He warns against pride if we have greater riches or "preparation" than others. By comparison, those who have obtained a perfect hope in Christ are filled with sufficient love that their lives become consecrated to blessing others continually (discipleship). Therein lies their heart and their security, in the Lord's real and unbreakable promises to his disciples. What greater security can one obtain than that obtained through covenant keeping, for God always keep his promises.

If we subtract out discipleship from the "emergency preparedness" discussion and subscribe to the "every man for himself" belief, then we are left with only that which moth and dust can corrupt and thieves can break through and steal. By comparison, to all who become truly consecrated, their cruise of oil and barrel of flour will be renewed and replenished unto them continually as it was for the widow of Zaraphath. And, they will also receive heaven's protection, just as David who slew Goliath, or Daniel who was placed in the Lion's den, or his friends who were cast into the fiery furnace, or as ancient Israel who lived upon Manna for 40 years and walked under God's protection (went before them, with them, and was their rearward).

To all who would survive the great and dreadful day of the Lord, they must qualify to be a Zion people thru the doctrines of Christ unto their faith, hope, and charity being made perfect in Christ and insomuch that heaven's influence and continuing grace rests upon them continually. This is made possible only through the power received as Christ's doctrines are made fully alive within us.

For greater detail about Christ's doctrines feast upon your scriptures daily with the intent to receive the Lord's understanding concerning being filled with his power or grace. This feasting, along with daily acts of obedience to do God's will are how we receive the oil in our lamps. Nephi lamented when his people would not search great knowledge even when it was given as plain as the word could be written. Study also The Standard of Liberty and allow its message to be engraved upon your heart and soul for this is the spiritual preparation needed. It is the oil in the lamps we must have. It speaks to the process of believing, repenting, learning the Lord's mind and will for you in all things, obeying his counsels daily, and of receiving heaven's influence and power as we obey his counsels.

In that great day we must already know how to call upon God with power, which is taught by the very doctrines that are to be engraved upon our souls. We must come to know the ways of God with man insomuch that we may wax confident before God, knowing how to approach him, how to learn his ways directly from him, how to receive forgiveness and a remission from weaknesses, how to have our prayers ascend to heaven insomuch that angels descend and minister unto us, how to be filled with the Holy Ghost and the baptism of fire, how to retain perfect hope as we press forward in life, how to know all things we must do, how to grow from grace to grace rather than enter into the temptations of the powers of darkness, how to receive and act upon revelation continually that we thereby grow in light, knowledge and faith, how to avoid walking in darkness unnecessarily, how to be a true disciple, and how to endure in this process that leads us step-by-step back into the Eternal Presence.

Therefore, as you complete your physical preparations, do so in simple, quiet obedience with the intent to take care of your stewardships and to lift and serve others whom the Lord would have you serve, and in all things to love one another as Jesus loves us. At all cost avoid the "us or prepared" versus "them who were slothful and unprepared" mentality. Such is not what Jacob, Isaiah, King Benjamin, or any prophet has ever taught. Do all you are able to do, and do it with bowels that are filled with charity toward God, all men, and toward the household of faith -- including those in the household of faith who have been instructed but for whatever reasons are unprepared. We are to bring all to Zion with us, that not one seat is empty.

Finally, always remember that the prerequisite to physical survival in that great day is being spiritually prepared and to be obedient in all things the Lord commands us. Our faith, hope, and charity must be made perfect in Christ, for he alone will give the power through his right hand (his endowed servants and saints) to withstand his left hand (the anti-Christ and his minions) who have been raised up to the destroy the wicked, unto the saving of his people and the establishing of Zion. We must be there and do our part with all our heart, might, mind, and soul, and we must help to help lift all within our influence to be in Zion with us.

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I love this and couldn't agree more.  This is the true way.  Period.  and it's the true way with everything.  Thank you.

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