There is an ever-present spirit or light that is in all men and in all things. It is known by many names—the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, and the Light of Christ—and even names such as faith, omnipotence, and priesthood. Yet, this light, spirit, truth, law, and power is not God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost. Rather, it is the light and power by which they accomplish their purposes.
All men have power to act upon this light to transmit heaven’s eternal essence into the works of their hearts, minds, and hands. For example, I write my thoughts on a page by this power, but my words are not me anymore than God’s works and creations are him. Rather, my written words are creations transmitted from me into the universe by the light of Christ.
My ability to control, handle, and to act upon this spirit and power to accomplish my purposes—is limited by my obedience to principles and laws that govern its use. The ability the Godhead possess to act upon this eternal essence to accomplish their purposes is unlimited, because their understanding, knowledge, and obedience to the principles and laws that govern its use, are whole or perfect.
Spiritual gifts we receive from God—such as faith, miracles, prophecy, and so forth—are given to us through power the Holy Ghost possesses to act upon this light to transmit God’s gifts to us. The Holy Ghost is known in ancient writings, as man’s umbilicus to God, by which we can be nourished temporally and spiritually by God, until we become his whole sons and daughters.
By this same light, life, truth, law, and power—Jesus Christ co-created the heavens and the earth with the Father, placed man on the earth, and then gave to us the breath of life. Thus, he became the Light of the World!
He is the way, the truth, the life, and the light by which each of us may become fully endowed co-creators with God. May we each act with faith sufficient this Christmas season to transmit heaven’s eternal essence into the works of our hearts, minds, and hands, to bless, lift, and love all who are within our circles of influence.
And as we do so today and always, may all that is dross and corruptible within us, be burned out of us, until we become sanctified and are made pure, holy, and incorruptible in our capacity to do good continually. When we think of our temporal and spiritual health, may we fundamentally shift from thinking about restoring former lost health, to renewing, regenerating, and re-creating health that cannot be corrupted by the passage of time, but is made perfect within us!
Above Image is a shot looking across our hay yard and barn at dusk, to the beautiful hills and mountains being hit with Light!

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What a beautiful photo, and testimony of light! Thank you for sharing. 

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