Fruited Greens

leafy greens of choice (spring mix, Romaine, Bibb, spinach, etc.) 
seasonal berries or fruit of choice 
handful of pine nuts or almonds
2 Tbsp chia seed
choice of blended fruit or raw yogurt topping (optional)
grain of choice such as oatmeal, granola, quinoa, brown rice, etc (optional according to energy and weight management objectives)

Fill bowl with leafy greens of choice and top with berries and pine nuts. Stir chia seed into fruit smoothie or yogurt topping and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Then top salad with dressing and grain of choice. Enjoy this quick, easy, and satisfying dish

*See salad topped with raw yogurt and chia seed dressing option below:

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Looks delicious.  Hoping to try those chia seeds soon too!  Thanks for sharing.

This salad is what I do for lunch every day.  It is easy to mix it up by changing the fruit and nut I use.  Sometimes I use the yogurt dressing and sometimes I use blended strawberries or other fruit smoothies.  It isquick and easy to make every morning to take to work, and never gets boring with a variety of fruits and nuts to keep changing. 

I then use a variety of fresh raw vegetables for a snack, and I can have raw foods that are nutrious and easy to prepare.

Thanks Peggy, sometimes I also like to eat it with no dressing of any kind on it and like you said, there are so many ways to enjoy leafy greens and fruit together, along with nuts, seeds, vinaigrettes, fruit smoothie toppings, and even the topping shown in this picture above. It is a very pleasant and nutritious way to increase leafy-green intake.

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