I just got back to Utah after 3 months in Seattle, where the organic produce is fresh and varied. It's been awful to open a box of organic baby spinach that I paid $5 for and find old squishy junk. By this time tomorrow or the next day, I'll have 2 lbs. home grown greens and enough wheat grass for 10-12 oz of juice. I've started an indoor square inch kitchen garden. Wahoooo I'm fading from lack of greens.


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Thanks! your brilliant!!
Unfortunately, I seem to grow mold better than I grow wheat grass. Do you get just one cutting or two from a batch of grass? I've never been successful getting two cuttings.
I"ve never tried for two.
Quite by accident I learned of a very palatable way to dreen wheat grass. I fill my vita-mix with several handfulls of wheat grass and 1 1/2 c. cold distilled water. Blend until smooth. Strain and drink. Although I love the benefits of drinking wheat grass, it's sometimes rather hard to choke down. With my new recipe, I'll be drinking quite a bit more of it. Also, I've found that if I put a couple handfuls of it in a green drink, nobody's the wiser (my newly not anti-green drink son especially.)
Have you had trouble with white flies and aphids? I tried 2 indoor grow boxes this winter just inside my south-facing sliding glass doors with lettuce, and within a couple of weeks I had 80 zillion white flies and aphids on all of it, so I just pulled it outside and let it all freeze. Help anyone?
I had trouble with that a couple years ago, but I haven't this time. If I do, I'll put out fly paper.
Is this all sprouts and what kind and how did you do this
No this is a picture of the very beginning. Six trays of microgreens are harvested per day of sunflower (2), buckwheat(2), and wheatgrass(2). I branched out this week and have added a new set of shelves with lights to grow petite lettuces. The success lever with an indoor garden is fantastic--much better than my experieces with outdoor gardening. Results are immediate in just 7-10 days with the micro greens. Of course the petite lettuces will take about 28 days til harvest, but the harvest will be continuous after that. I'm really loving this. It's amazingly relaxing to spend a short time each morning planting new trays; it's a sort of litany.
What is the background behind the shelving on the right? It almost looks like a mattress standing up. Please explain.

Thanks!! This is really great. In a critical pinch, in a disaster, how many people could you feed off of this without anything else to eat, do you think?
I just put my wheat grass in my green smoothie and I just put everything in my vitamix together with a little extra liquid - I add the wheatgrass a little at a time. I am diabetic so am adding the extra water to the smoothie and sipping it over a longer time as James Simmons suggested so as not to raise my blood sugar. I also cut up my wheat grass and add it to my salads.
It's my couch. The shelves are between my couch and the sliding glass door.

The new shelves that I'll picture later are next to the sliding glass door. They'll need grow lights.
Did you see my second question? In a critical pinch, in a disaster, how many people could you feed off of this without anything else to eat?

Also, I want to do this! It's a genius idea. So here is what I need you to explain:

1) What is your soil or soil mix?
2) How often do you plant?
3) How often do you harvest?
4) Exactly what are you planting (even if you've already told us)
5) What exactly are your trays? Do they have solid bottoms or holes in them?

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