fruit-and-veg-header_Eat more fresh, raw, and living fruits and vegetables to help you further improve your health. The following are some benefits that you will experience as you significantly increase your intake of fresh, whole, living, and uncooked fruits and vegetables:

  • Simplicity: No cooking means that mealtime preparation and cleanup is much less.
  • In Season: The food you eat is in season when its nutritional strength is at its peak.
  • Nutrients: Cooking destroys many nutrients. Eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds supplies the body with greater nutrient value, compared to cooked counterparts.
  • Intelligence: Fresh fruits and vegetables are still alive. They still have intelligence in them that can communicate directly with the intelligences that dwells in each cell of the body. Intuitively, it is pretty easy to tell which raw foods your body needs the most. Just take a walk through any produce section and pay attention to the two-way communication occurs.
  • No Additives: Raw foods do not contain flavor enhancers, chemicals, and additives. It's best to eat our food as close to its pure and natural state as possible.
  • Heart Healthy: Eating raw fruits, vegetables enables four powerful defenses that awaken a fountain of youth within us. In contrast, cooking with oils and fats, and using refined sugars leads to oxidation and inflammation in the vascular tree and disease throughout the body.
  • Immune System: Strengthens and supports a strong immune system, leading to less illness.
  • Body Fat: Excess body weight is one of the first losses experienced as one significantly increases the raw food portion of his diet.
  • Strength: Significant increases in physical strength are noted among those who eat primarily raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Endurance: Raw fruits and vegetables increases the production of nitric oxide in epithelial cells. Nitric oxide causes vessels to be smooth, flexible, and to dilate easily to increase blood flow to the cellular regions of the body. This enables man to run without becoming weary, and to be able to walk without fainting.
  • Exercise: exercise is more invigorating and recovery is much quicker as you significantly increase intake of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Sweat and Body Odor: Within just a few months of eating all raw, body oder diminishes until it is no longer noticeable. The fewer dietary toxins the body has to eliminate, the sweeter the smell of the body.
  • Sleep or Rest: The body works less to digest food when you sleep, and it is common for those who eat most of their food raw, to need far less sleep than when they ate most of their food cooked.
  • Elimination: Going to the bathroom is never easier or more pleasant. Raw fruits and vegetables are well hydrated and contribute loads of fiber that help with elimination.
  • Rashes, Congestion, and allergies: Rashes congestion, and allergies often arrest and reverse as a person significantly increase intake of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Eco-Friendly: Eating live and fresh is green!

During the first six months of my return to health in 2000 I ate only raw plant-based foods. It was an amazing transformation that occurred, and it felt to me as if I had discovered the fountain of youth. It is likely that the choice to eat bounteous amounts of raw fruits and vegetables significantly increased my nitric oxide production, best supported my epithelial progenitor cell production, increased my HDL cholesterol's efflux capacity until my vessels became squeaky clean, and my body was able to more reflux capacity, and enabled me to better metabolize and eliminate ADMA. 

I've loved raw fruits, greens, and other raw vegetables ever since. They continue to be my favorite foods to this day and I always eat them abundantly with my choice of starch in any given meal.


  1. Make a list of fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that you like to eat raw.
  2. Purchase and properly wash, cut, and prepare these items for eating and place them in storage containers and in your refrigerator.
  3. Include abundantly in wraps, burritos, salads, stir-fries, soups, and steamed veggie dishes.

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Is there any differences in the way you eat now to when original fast foods was published? Have you refined anything, or is it the same?

The good, better, best recommendations in Original Fast Foods are rock solid, and they produce sound results. The major difference is that my testimony of the Word of Wisdom has continued to evolve. I will never eat animal products again, unless I absolutely need them to save my life. In this regard, I'm in a position to be able to better support those who receive a similar testimony, but do not know quite how to go forward. Also, I believe it is better to obtain at least fifty percent of our calories from starches, and while fruit may be eaten by some freely, others suffer imbalances that make it best to limit their eating of fruit to no more than three pieces a day. For example, diabetics and those who are overweight need calories that take longer to digest, such as vegetables and starches. Therefore, fruit should be eaten whole instead of blended or juiced, and should also be more restricted until they achieve balance.

I still believe we obtain more nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables than cooked, but a lot of good can be gained from also eating steamed veggies, or by adding veggies to soup broths, or by stir-frying. Still, I like wraps because it is so easy to fill them with raw veggies and to enjoy satiated eating them. I still like to eat all raw for days at a time during the summer months. My body loves it.

As for juicing, this is a hot topic, but evidence shows that while it can be very helpful to some, it is very harmful to diebetics, and anyone else who does not move blood sugars out of the bloodstream easily. Why? Juices required little to no digestive time. Therefore, they enter the bloodstream very swiftly, which isn't good for diabetics. However, there are juices that do not have much of a carb load, and they are fine. Even the non-diabetic is better off sipping their juices or smoothies slowly, over time, to prevent blood-sugar spikes.

I prefer people eating their fruits and vegetables whole, and the body prefers it too.

Debby Smith said:

Is there any differences in the way you eat now to when original fast foods was published? Have you refined anything, or is it the same?
Thank you for the updated information.

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