Today, I want to back up to some helpful basics. Salads are such an important part of a healthful dietary lifestyle, both fruited and vegetable leafy greens. We showed Fruited Greens earlier this week. Here we will show some of the simple basics to make your all veggie salads irresistible! Let's begin by displaying some basic ingredients below:

Ingredients should include an array of various colors from the rainbow. Each color you add to the salad will add another category of important vital micronutrients. It is best when your salads include a full symphony or spectrum of micronutrients. Your body will love what it feels as you create such salads for your enjoyment. Have fun with this process. Let's get started! 

1. Let's begin with a large bowl of leafy greens.

2. Next we ran some raw carrots through a mandoline to create matchstick carrots that are fun and more easily enjoyed in a salad. We'll show you a mandoline in a moment.

3. Now gently rub the carrots together between your hands and watch the matchsticks fall apart on top of your leafy greens.

4. We then run some zucchini through the mandoline and add them on top of the carrots.

6. Before we add the beets to the salad we want to show you just one of many fun varieties of mandolines. They come with attachments to allow you to create a variety of thicknesses with your veggie matchsticks to suit various culinary uses.

7. As we add these raw beets to our salad they help to create a nice sweetness that compliments all the other flavors very well.

8. The last of the matchstick veggies that we will add today is jicama, again a vegetable that adds to and compliments all other flavors well and that has a nice crunch and good nutritional value.

9. We move from the mandoline to a serrated and straight-edged knives in order to prep some sweet pepper, cucumber, tomatoes and mushrooms. Let's take a look!

10. Isn't that beautiful, and don't forget the matchstick array of colors and flavors hidden beneath these delectable diced veggies.

11. Here Colleen has halved an avocado and has sliced it in two directions and is now scooping it out of the skin so that is can be added as a final layer of raw goodness! You can choose small chunks as viewed here, or beautiful thin lengthwise slices, according to your tastes and desire for artistic impression.

12. And here is our heaping bowl of salad. Every raw vegan ought to have one of these salads daily. Don't limit your veggies to those we used here, but include celery, radishes, and countless other wonderful additions.

13. Fun Extras: For those of you who still enjoy some cooked foods, you can top your salad with quinoa and a combination of sauteed onions, portobello mushrooms, and tomatoes. Such a salad is good to the last bite, and to bring the full blend of flavors together, enjoy a wide variety of salad dressings from day-to-day.

Take a moment to view the following show-me-how salad dressing videos. Included in this array of dressings are tangy, spicy, sweet, bitter, sour, mellow, and salty dressings. When you change your dressings from day-to-day and continue to add a full spectrum of micro-nutrients that your body needs, you will begin to salivate each time you make another nutrient-rich salad. Per calorie consumed, the salad ought to become the king of your meals, because it packs the greatest nutritional gain for each caloric buck that you spend.

Enjoy also viewing a few other satiating salads, which follow the simple prep instructions above, but that also include beans, rice, potato, and other such toppings.

Click to View Satiating Salads Here

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Looks fabulous!

Jim--I just love these salad ideas!!  Who knew that eating and staying healthy could look as good as it tastes.  Thank you, and Colleen, for al the wonderful info and ideas you share with us.

Thank you Kristen and Kim. So happy that this is inviting to you.

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