A Tabernacle of God (click to open)

This 26-page document and extended journal introduces the standard by which all men may qualify to receive the blessings of prosperity, a righteous posterity, and of everlasting protection from enemies. It teaches the standard by which all men are made free from any and all forms of darkness and lays out the only true path by which men, women, families, neighborhoods, cities, states, and nations can enjoy these same blessings.

It shares the extraordinary results of the greatest story ever told about a family that learned to live by the laws of heaven insomuch that they became the happiest people that our creator ever placed upon this earth.

It shares the laws or doctrines by which holy men and women have laid hold upon heaven's continuing influence and grace to have all weak things made strong unto them forever. It teaches how to go from grace to grace to walk in heaven's perfect light.

As these 12 primary doctrines are brought to be made fully alive within you, you too will lay hold upon eternal blessings of prosperity, a dominion of a righteous posterity that will flow unto you forever and ever, and you will receive everlasting protection from your enemies and all other forms of darkness.

Doctrine One discusses why rationale intelligences believe in Christ and exercise faith in his counsels to them. It also discusses the faith of the mustard seed and how to lay hold upon the kind of faith wherein all things are made possible, unto having the Tree of Life grow up in you to bear fruit.

Doctrine Two discusses how to awake from unseen darkness, and to repent of darkness that the void of forsaken darkness may be filled with heaven's light.

Doctrine Three discusses the mighty wrestle we are each to have before the Lord in order that we might know his heart and mind, walk in his ways of peace and love, receive a new name, and what the symbolism of the new name.

Doctrine Four teaches how to bring an acceptable sacrifice unto the Lord insomuch that we might be received of him, forgiven of our sins, and that our prayers may be made perfect wherein they ascend to heaven and cause angels to descend to minister unto man.

Doctrine Five teaches the significance and meaning of the baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost.

Doctrine Six teaches why and how we must come to lay hold upon a perfect hope in Christ.

Doctrine Seven unfolds the mystery of how to go from grace to grace one day at a time.

Doctrine Eight teaches how to learn what we must do to receive the Lord's redeeming light.

Doctrine Nine discusses the only means by which we truly come to know the Lord.

Doctrine Ten teaches us how to walk in heaven's light and with power over every form of darkness darkness.

Doctrine Eleven teaches us how our cruise of oil and barrel of flour may be continually renewed and replenished forever and what this symbolism truly means to us both physically and spiritually.

Doctrine Twelve teaches us the nature of our grace to grace ascension back into the Father's presence and about the nature and purpose for trials or tests in our life and how they lead us to lay hold upon added light, knowledge, and faith unto our being made to abide directly in our Savior's love.

This important publication has been made ready for this time when our nation teeters on the brink of losing its freedoms forever. Holy men of every dispensation saw this time and their clarion call and warning was that as we see secret combinations get above us to control our government, we must speedily repent as a people or we will be driven, scattered, smitten, and carried away into captivity and bondage. The Lord extends the promises described above to all who walk according to his Standard of Liberty. The following Standard of liberty ought to be hoisted upon every rooftop in this nation and be made alive in every heart that values freedom. There is no greater power for change than God's word and its effect in our lives. 

While we may not be able to change to world alone, as these doctrines are made fully alive in you, the miracles that you bring to bear in your life for things both temporal and spiritual will be seen of men and will cause a ripple that will flow from you to eventually cover the earth.

Click Here to Open and Read "A Tabernacle of God."

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I have tried to open the full ebook several times, but I only get the message "page not found".  Is there any other way for me to obtain it?

Thank you for letting me know. I've updated the link and it is now working properly. You can also access it from the home page under helpful downloads in the righthand column of the page.

Robyn Young said:

I have tried to open the full ebook several times, but I only get the message "page not found".  Is there any other way for me to obtain it?

This is fabulous!  Thank you so much.

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