The Holy Ghost

The first fruits of ​​​repentance​ is ​​​baptism​; which cometh by faith unto the fulfilling of the commandments, and fulfilling the commandments brings forth a ​​​remission​ of sins, insomuch that all bondage and penalties associated with former sins are canceled, set aside, suspended, revoked, and abrogated by God, through the merits, mercies, and power of Jesus Christ; which remission of sins brings forth ​​​meekness​, and lowliness of heart in the repentant. All who thus become meek and lowly of heart receive ​​visitations of the ​​​Holy Ghost​, which ​​​fills them with hope and the pure ​​​love of Jesus Christ​, which love endures by ​​​diligence​ unto ​​​prayer​, until the time when you​ shall dwell with God.

Consider the Holy Ghost, as you would consider a mother who nourishes a fetus in her womb through an umbilical cord, 24/7, until the fetus comes forth from her womb as a newborn baby. She then, suckles her infant by day and by night, as needed, to provide it with the nourishment needed, until it can eat whole food. She continues further to nurture and bless her child with what it needs to develops into a self-sufficient being.

Likewise, when we are baptized by fire and the gift of the Holy Ghost, He becomes our umbilicus to God through which we are nourished 24/7, until we ascend unto the fulness of Christ. In the submitting of our lives and will to God, to follow Jesus Christ, even as a little child submits his will to his father, our fallen nature begins to change through the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost, and we are cleansed, purified, and are converted from carnality to spirituality; and we are made pure, holy, and without remnants of darkness, evil, or the natural man left in us; and we receive spiritual endowments that set us apart from the world.

In this state we are to ask in faith for every gift of the Spirit we need to do God’s will in our lives, which gifts are infinite in number and in manifestation. They are given to everyone who turns their life and will over to God and are given, according to what we need, to do and finish the work God sent us to earth to do.

The following are a few examples of the gifts of the Spirit that may receive from God, by the power of the Holy Ghost:

  • A witness and testimony that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that the scriptures are true.
  • Knowledge (intelligence) that gives you power over Satan’s lies.
  • Power to make your faith most profitable to your soul.
  • Power to have all remnants of darkness and evil burned from your soul, as if by fire; even as dross is removed from metal by fire.
  • In this purified state you may commune with God and receive outpourings of light, truth, revelations, and visions from God, angels, and ministering spirits; and to discern both good and evil spirits; and to speak with tongues and reveal the interpretation of tongues; and to be a conduit through which God's power flows to bless and heal others in the name of Jesus Christ, and to teach, exhort, preach Christ’s gospel, and minister in the ordinances thereof, while bringing others unto Christ; and to receive the record of heaven, of all things past, present, and future, insomuch that if it is expedient, you can prophesy of all things; and the gift of comfort, peace, assurance, and power to walk according to the Lord’s purposes for you and to not wander from Gods purposes; and therein receive grace to have your nature be changed to become like God’s nature, and your character to become like God’s character, and your perfections and attributes to become, even as God’s perfections and attributes; insomuch that your inner nature and disposition toward good and evil are changed to reflect God’s nature perfectly.

Such gifts of the spirit are signs that follow those who believe in Jesus Christ and who seek to do God’s will from day to day. They are limitless in number, and you are to ask in faith for whatsoever gifts you need to fulfill God's purposes for you. Ask and you shall receive the gifts you need; seek and you will find them; and knock and every gift of the spirit you need will be opened unto you. We cannot receive and bear all that Christ has for us at once; but as we come to live so that the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion, the Holy Ghost will guide us to receive all things.

The natural man has been is an enemy to God since the ​​​fall​ of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, except to those who ​​​yield​ to the enticings of the ​​​Holy Spirit​, to become as little children who are ​​​submissive​, meek, humble, patient, full of love, and willing to submit to all things which the Lord sees fit to inflict upon them, unto becoming​ ​​saints​ through the atonement of Christ the Lord.

Trust​ in that ​​​Spirit​ which ​​​leads you​ to do ​​​good, and to do ​​​justly​, and to walk ​​​humbly​, and to ​​​judge​ righteously. Seek in all things to think as Christ would if he were in your shoes; and to hear and heed his voice, over the voice of the natural man or the voices of the world. And see in all things to see as Christ sees; and to discern that which is clean from unclean, insomuch that you will not cast your pearls before those who refuse to repent and come unto Christ; and speak simply, truthfully, powerfully, and without deceit; and be watchful unto prayer always, that Satan cannot come upon you unawares to destroy you; and receive power to bear the burden of your discipleship to Christ; and receive the time allotted to accomplish your life’s mission, and receive protection from every form of evil as you by being renewed, regenerated, and re-created with further light and knowledge continually, until you can trample every form of evil under your feet; and be a receptacle of truth and righteousness; insomuch that you may root out all that is false and every remaining remnant of the natural man from within you; to receive power to defend truth and virtue; and to raise up a posterity that loves and serves their fellowmen, and who do good throughout the earth continually.


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