Wise Virgins

How do wise virgins fill their souls (lamps) with redeeming light and knowledge (oil)? They enter into Jesus Christ’s fellowship and rest with meek (gentle) and lowly (humble) hearts. Thus, they are easily entreated by Him, to do what he teaches and asks them to do. He teaches them because they seek with real intent to do what Jesus would do, in all things. Rather than setting their hearts so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men, the greatest object of their faith in life is to learn how to do what Jesus would do in all things. Thus, whenever they are tempted by evil to do something other than what Jesus would do, they forsake the temptation and come unto Him, and call on His name, and receive and obey His divine instructions. As they do so they receive the further light and knowledge they need to overcome each form of evil that tempts them to wander away from what Jesus would do.

The ancient Hebrew word for sin referred to nomads who wandered away from their mark (their next place of watering). Wandering away from their mark, without correcting their course, led nomads and their animals to perish. Jesus’s mark was to do his Father’s will and to finish the work God sent Him here to do. As He exercised faith to do His Father’s will daily, His Father gave Him understanding and knowledge to overcome each form of evil that temped Him to wander away from doing His Father's will.

The mark of wise virgins is to follow Jesus, and keep his commandments, and to always do what He would do when a choice is placed before them. As we strive with real intent to do what Jesus would do, He lays claim upon His Father’s mercy and grace for us, insomuch that we receive the further light and knowledge we need to overcome evil that seeks to lead us away from doing what Jesus would do! Hence, wise virgins take up the cross daily to live without quarreling or treating self or others unkindly, and without grieving God’s Spirit. They persist in such strivings daily, until dwelling always in God’s Spirit is made strong in them by God, who accepts offerings of dedication and perseverance, by giving us grace to do that which we cannot do alone, because of our sins and weakness.

Our battles are not against men, but against principalities of evil that tempt us to wander away from doing what Jesus would do. If we forsake sin and come unto Christ in our every decision, and ask the Father in Jesus's name to help us know and do what Jesus would do, and obey divine instructions that follow, then we receive understanding and knowledge, which gives us power over evil, one day at a time. Rather than grow weary and faint in our walk with Christ through doubt, fear, pride, temptation, or otherwise; we become firm, steadfast, and immovable upon the rock of our salvation—to receive His power over evil. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ and ever has been and ever will be. There reason wise virgins cannot share their oil with unwise virgins, is because we receive further droplets of oil in our lamps (i.e. of redeeming light and knowledge into our souls), not faster than we see to know and do what Jesus would do, in every situation. Master the process and live by it every moment, and your soul will be filled with the light and knowledge you need to be found among wise virgins.


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