My Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic"

A child's experiment turns into a lesson on the toxins in our food supply. Worth your consideration.

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Comment by The Health Seekers Kitchen on September 26, 2011 at 6:47pm

Great video! 

Comment by Kathie Andrus on September 26, 2011 at 11:16pm

Loved your video!  Important Information - Good Job!

Comment by Dianne Grande Hughes on September 27, 2011 at 12:48am

Very informative video.  I get lazy sometimes and just pick up veggies at our grocery store, thinking that washing them really good will be ok.  This was a very good reminder.  "Out of the mouth of babes"...  This young lady was adorable, too!  Thanks for the reminder!

Comment by Mary Brooks on September 27, 2011 at 4:18am

This is shocking! Thank you, young lady, for this important video.

Comment by Karen Diane Wilkinson on September 27, 2011 at 4:36am

wonderful project and great reminder of why we eat organic!  thank you


Comment by Louella Ash on September 27, 2011 at 7:30am

This is wonderful information.  Thanks for sharing.  Lou Ash

Comment by Bethany Swalberg on September 27, 2011 at 1:34pm

I loved it.  Put a smile on your face.  Thanks for Sharing Elise! Way to go! If you were my student, I'd give you an A+

Comment by James Simmons on September 27, 2011 at 3:21pm

Shaun, thanks for weighing in. I side with the child in this video. My heart is sure that when you add the accumulation of bud nip to the multitude of other pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, this approach to food production is utter folly. I recently read a report on MSNBC about the use of chemicals in Iowa. There is now sufficient saturation of the active ingredient found in Roundup within the water supply that it now evaporates into the air and falls to the ground in the rain. Saturation is reaching levels to cause great alarm, given that the rain itself will now distribute a chemical that kills all plants that are not from the Monsanto seed bank. This is folly to the highest extreme and is beyond criminal. My concern and purpose for showing this video is that studies all tend toward language such as that you shared with us, without truly considering the accumulative affects of all the various chemicals dumped into the food supply over the years. Distributing poison, even in small increments, is folly no matter what studies demonstrate. Who will take responsibility for rain that pours down enough roundup to kill the flowers in a person's garden, or the trees in their yard, or the food in their garden? The idea that these chemicals just go away with no longterm accumulative effect is too easily spun, but is untrue. One of my favorite professors that taught us about parts per million and safe uses of chemicals back in the 70s and 80s took us on a field trip to So. California to meet the leading scientist of the day who was renown for studying the affects of various herbicides and pesticides that were routinely sprayed on crops. Similar to what you just said, he said that the ppm of harmful chemicals were safer than the parts per million of toxins in the air we breath and that the body is equipped to eliminate these harmful chemicals from our bodies without the risk of accumulative effects. I spoke to my former professor recently who said of these teachings, "We just didn't know..., and we were wrong." He taught what he believed to be true by the short-term evidence, but in our hearts most every student knew that it was unwise to dump toxic chemicals on the food supply and soil year, after year, after year and that there had to be accumulative effects over time that would prove to be to our detriment. For this reason, I support efforts toward organic farming, the preservation and propagation of heirloom-quality seed banks, Old-World food preparation methods, and righteous living that enables the earth beneath our feet to be strong and to give forth in its full strength. I appreciate good science; however, because of the drive to make money, too often science has proven to be incomplete to our detriment. This little girl is right on. What would you rather eat -- a living plant that is strong, healthy, and capable of reproduction, or a sterile plant? In our hearts, we possess the light to know truth from error and should not be led to believe by those with vested interest, that such compromises pose no potential harm to us. This is irresponsible, it is criminal, and it is the kind of priestcraft that has corrupted the Lord's vineyard, every wit--affecting even the Lord's very elect.

Comment by James Simmons on September 27, 2011 at 5:01pm

Farmers are interested in obtaining maximum yield per acre and use whatever is represented as safe and effective to achieve that goal. This is not priestcraft, however, the desire and need to maximize profits does cause many to err, even the very elect among farmers. Priestcraft is what is practiced by any company who holds up a product as sound, to improve farmer's profitability, when in fact it is not sound. Even what "elect" farmers produce under such circumstances is "corrupted" or compromised somewhat. And in this they err. The company that holds up such products as a light to farmer's is indeed practicing priestcraft when their offerings are not in the best interest of society. And yes, that means many, many elect people are involved in priestcraft unwittingly as they hold up unsound ideas as light in order to get gain.

The commonly accepted notion that it is okay to put chemicals on everything is not sound. Those who promote it, even when pointing to statistical evidence, practice priestcraft if in fact their conclusions are false and their methods unsound.

There are many simple and affordable methods to store potatoes for a season without their sprouting roots. Down the road science will likely demonstrate that sterile food is not equal or superior to living foods that can still reproduce. Again, a simple gut-check will likely verify this statement, and the fact that affordable and simple solutions are available to us that do not require the use of chemicals cause me to vote to eliminate convenient but inferior solutions.

Perhaps it would be easier to discern "best solutions" by applying the following litmus test: If we were in a Zion society that did not buy, sell, or trade goods but held all substance common among us, and if money was not even a consideration, what practices would we employ to produce and distribute our food? This is the direction we need to be heading in our thoughts and actions, especially if helping to establish Zion is core to our thought processes. Eventually, we must all put away our business hats because Babylon will fall. At that time, hopefully we've been wearing Zion hats for quite some time and our thinking is not corrupted in the least by the needs and requirements of Babylon.

As for too many vitamins and minerals, I agree that such outcomes are toxic and for that reason we should eat primarily whole plant-based foods that are grown as naturally and responsibly as possible. God designed all plant-based foods to be eaten in their seasons and has a perfect understanding and knowledge regarding metabolic limitations. Truly, toxic levels are hard to realize because of the effects of anti-nutrients that cause us to lay down a food long before it becomes toxic to us. Now that is an interesting science.

Getting back to sound basics is vitally important. In the name of convenience and profitability bud-nip-like solutions have become the norm when they ought to be the exception. As for bud-nip itself, the evidence may be correct, yet it is still an unnecessary chemical that produces sterile plants. Worse, the evidence may create false assumptions that will yield unfavorable outcomes, as my professor has now seen happen repeatedly in just the last 30 years. This is why I teach my children to apply their brains as far as they can go as they study out any matter, but in the end -- always listen to the heart. The Holy Spirit within us possesses the record of heaven (knowledge of all things past, present, and future); it knows all truth and all things... He is our Comforter who can take us way beyond what our best efforts to study out any situation or beyond evidence given. It is not foolish or unwise to trust the clarity He can give to us on any subject. I think what is clear, is that solutions that will enable potatoes to remain dormant, yet virulent follow God's pattern for doing things. Creating sterility does not.

Comment by Kisi Watkins on September 28, 2011 at 3:10pm

Wow, am I ever glad you made this video!  Today I saw yams on sale for 3 lbs. for $1.00 at the grocery store and bought 22 lbs!!!  I might throw them away now.  I can't afford to eat 22 lbs. of yams, even over time, that are dead and contain a horrible chemical that can kill animals.  I heard a radio talk show once where a scientist explained that even though the amounts of terrible chemicals and heavy metals we get from any one vegetable are small, they are indeed cumulative in our bodies and will make us terrible sick over time.  He said he has worked with the government over this issue, and they know exactly what the deal is, but they get paid by huge chemical companies to just let it "be OK".  :|


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