Daniel's Starter Breakfast

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This is the breakfast from Daniel's Challenge Starter Meal Plan. There are a lot of other ways to enjoy breakfast, but this can help you get started. If you are diabetic, sip the green drink slowly throughout the morning in order to avoid spiking blood-sugar levels. Enjoy

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  • Yes Jinger, this is food for one person, based upon 2000 calories per day. As mentioned previously the water should be spread out throughout the entire day.
  • Was this one persons serving?
  • As for the water; it isn't for the meal, but for the entire day. Enjoy!
  • By volume and nutrients it's plenty of food; by the calorie its very little. Enjoy it a bite at a time, until you are satisfied, and then adjust how much you prepare for future meals accordingly!
  • How on earth does one eat/drink all of this at one meal?
  • It's day one for me on Daniel's Challenge. I had some work to do on the computer this morning so, it was easy to drink my 20 oz. of lemon water sitting at the computer. I didn't have breakfast till lunchtime. My 11 year old was home sick today so he got Daniel's Breakfast with me. He wasn't too happy to see a salad, green drink and oatmeal for lunch. Said he wanted real food. Hahaha. He likes green drinks, as we have them off and on all the time. I ended up making the immune booster one for him though. It was really good and he downed it. He ate most of the oatmeal but took an hour to even touch his salad. Said he didn't like nuts in his salad. In the past, he's just eaten his salads plain because he doesn't like any of the usual dressings. Well, once he got to finally trying the salad, it was gone in no time. I liked it too. I wish I had more. The oatmeal seemed plain to me but only because I dress up mine with 1 Tb each of chia seed and flax seed and add cubed apples and mangoes. I usually add a few raisins to the oatmeal while it's cooking for sweeting but with the sauce on top, there is no need now. This breakfast made a great brunch for the both of us. Thank you.
  • I, too, would not be able to eat all that in a morning. I'm thinking of tweaking it for me... The 20 oz. of lemon water for sure, followed by the salad, leaving half of the berry mixture in the blender for my green drink. Not sure when I'll get to eating the oatmeal. Maybe it will go well with lunch or dinner later. Maybe, as I get used to eating this way, I'll be able to eat all that in the morning. That's the fun of this. Making it work for you.
  • Brenda-- I am an avid excersizer and I am also very health concious. You will lose weight if you use more calories than you eat. It is that simple. However, it eally depends on what form of grain you are eating. Try to stay away from processed grains. If you feel like you need the energry that grains provide, eat low GI grains such as flax and buckwheat, or quinoa-- even bulgar wheat in the morning. You can even make banana muffins using only buckwheat flour-- and those are packed with energy. These grains are also super high in fibre and protein-- especially quinoa. Quinoa ia actually one of the only grains that gives complete proteins on its own, so it can be eaten at a meat alternative.
    If you are still hungry, eat more fruit, especially "tree" fruit like apples, pears, peaches, nectarines and plums. These fruit make you feel fuller than berries or melons.
    And, one banana a day is your very best friend, if you are putting in lots of excersize. Put half a banana and a third cup of rolled oats into your green smoothie and you will feel more energized.
    Sorry this is so long, but if you eating well, and getting six days a week thirty plus minutes, you will notice a change in your body. It may be slow, so don't just quit because you are impatient. You will be fit, and healthy, which is better than just being thin.
  • There are many ways to enjoy raw fruits and vegetables, beginning with simply eating them whole. The recipes we've provided are not intended to suggest that this or that is the only way to enjoy increasing consumption of these foods. As you seek to increase consumption of the most nutrient-dense foods (fruits and vegetables), begin somewhere, whether you blend everything, juice part blend part, or just eat them whole. Once you significantly increase consuption of fruits and vegetables , you have over 30 trillion cells that like what you are doing and you will sense it. Fortunately, this is not an either/or situation; but one of moving forward in a direction that enables your metabolism to maintain the form and function of your cells more ideally and without placing undue burdens upon your body. Also, enjoying a variety of ways to enjoy a healthful diet is a good thing. Rather that thinking in terms of either/or, or this is better than that, I prefer to embrace the possibilities and enjoy diversity. Moreover, depending upon the curent state of an individuals GI tract, one way affords better nutrition today, whereas when the individual improves digestion, his/her approach may need to change. Again, over 30 trillion cells help guide you through this process. Also, a few simple clinical tests by your doctor periodically, can let you know if you are tracking straight, or if your lipids, sugar, and so forth are out of balance.
  • My green drink uses water at the base rather than juice; if it's too sweet for you, simply cut back on the apple juice and increase the water. Also green drink is not a religion; what is important is to enjoy high leafy-green intake each day. Sometimes my favorite way to enjoy them is plain without anything on them, or to simply dip them in Balsamic vinegar.
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