Fruited Veggie Water

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Any fruited drink can become more diabetic and blood-sugar friendly by adding water to the drink. This video provides a great example of how to make just such a refreshing and nourishing drink. Enjoy!

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  • Great Video, Thanks,  didn't relize until I watched this, I was dehyraded.  Have bad craving and felt hungry all of the time for things I shouldn't be having.

  • So it's ok to juice the whole apple seeds and all? I had thought that the seeds were bad for you.
  • Love these videos!! Thank you so much!
  • It was so good to get this new information. In December I noticed that occassionally I got numb fingers after drinking my green smoothie (usually on an empty stomach). I have generally tried to ignore it eventhough I had read that it could be a sign of a form of diabetes. I have no family history of diabetes, nor am I related to anyone that has ever had diabetes. I have been tested more than once for diabetes and/or blood sugar dissorders but none have ever been found. So I do appreciate this information from your last article (and this video) so that I can take precautions and not spike my blood-sugar levels. Thank you.
  • I've never thought of putting ginger root in a green drink. I'll have to try it but with the whole apple instead. Great video. Keep them coming; they keep me on track.
  • It looks delicious!
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