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  • In answer to your second to the last question: Absolutely, it happens each week. If the liquid is gray I dump out the top layer (the gray alcohol) but if the liquid is light brown I just mix it in and add a little flour and water to feed the dough.
  • I cant ever get my braided dough to rise again. Am I doing anything wrong? Also, do you know if this process lowers the ph level of the grain at all? Its kind of a silly question... but still am wondering. Also, I use my starter every week and it keeps seperating into this really stinky liquid. I have tried looking on line but cant figure out what is going wrong. Has this ever happened to you?
    How long do you cook these for?
  • I believe the instructions are in Daniel's Challenge aren't they. I've written instructions and believe that is where I've included them, in Kitchen Challenge Five. If not, I'm happy to write them again. Jim
  • What about NL Pancakes? Has anyone ever tried them and how do you do it?
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