Oriental Veggie Soup

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This soup is definitely in the top five of our favorite soups. If you are not vegan you can turn soup leftovers from dinner into a delightful omelet the next morning. For precise instructions for this soup see Original Fast Foods.

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  • Made this dinner tonight and everyone liked it. I didn't have the Mrs. Dash seasoning so I added a little salt, a little Cayenne Pepper and Nama Shoyu (unpasturized soy sauce). It turned out great! Thanks for the great videos. It gives me the motivation I need to try new recipes.
  • I made this soup yesterday and it was delicious. My husband and son commented that it was a keeper recipe.I love that it had all those wonderful and healthy vegetables in it and it was so filling. Thanks Colleen for the great video presentation, Julie H
  • Chicken flavor tastes best with the Oriental Vegetable Soup.

    This is a water-based soup, not a casserole. Adjust the amount of vegetables to water and buillon you want according to your preferences. In some ways it reminds me of steaming vegetables, except that it has a nice tasting broth to go with it. Anything you can do to consume more vegetables is helpful for you and your family.
  • Did you use chicken or beef bouillon?
  • That looks more like a casserole!
  • I love this soup!
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