Rice and Veggie Delight

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This salad has been our families favorite dinner dish since 2000. It is good with almost all dressings and with all vegetables heaped upon it. Enjoy! The actual recipe is in Original Fast Foods on page 152. If you don't have the 3-in-1 special, get it between now and March 15 while it is on sale.

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  • Some who have read the 2nd edition of Original Fast Foods from cover to cover, recognize significant upgrades in the book. I spent more than one full year upgrading it. Regarding the foods you mention, they can enjoy a healthful place in your diet, so long as they are not used to excess. The animal-based protein profile they contain is not problematic if it is not overcomsumed; however, it can become problematic if you consume more animal-based protein than your body is able to use for growth and repair.
  • I bought the 3-1 Special about 2 years ago,and wanted to know if your books are the same, or do I need to update what I have? .I am especially interested the addition of the naturally leavened breads, along with some of your newer thoughts on Original Fast Foods. Do you still use coconut milk in your recipes as before and could you address the issue of using cultured milk products like yogurt and keifer, are they and sourdough healthy for you?
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