Review the getting started at a glance by clicking here, It is important to understand this summary. Then commence to do the Daily To-Do's as outlined below. Links are provided where you can click to view show-me-how videos and helpful recipes, or that help to provide greater understanding:

Daily To-Do's

  1. Hydrate: Drink at least one-half gallon of quality water daily. See here also.
  2. Fruits: Eat fresh, whole seasonal fruits daily, as desired to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  3. Raw Vegetables: Consume one large Salad daily. See more Salads and other raw-veggie dishes here. Enjoy salads and other raw veggies plain, or dipped in a hummus, a healthful dressing, or a sauce. See dips, dressings, and sauce recipes here and show-me-how videos here.
  4. Cooked Vegetables: Eat at least one Cooked Vegetable Dish daily. See other examples here, and  here, and here.
  5. Beans and other Pulses: Eat at least one large Bean Dish daily. See other pulses here and here.Eat pulses according to weight-management objectives (oatmeal, barley, millet, quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, and so forth).
  6. Desserts and Snacks: See healthful desserts and snacks here.
  7. Animal-Based Foods and Other: Fill up on beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid white flour, refined sweeteners and other refined foods, and limit total intake of overt sources of fat to a combined daily intake of 200 calories. Within these limited 200 calories include any and all salad and cooking oils you might use, avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, as well as any animal-based food sources you may choose to use.
  8. Short-Term Intermittent Fasting: During both periods of maintenance and weight loss, include one day or more of short-term intermittent fasting per week. For more information on this topic, see page 95 of Back to Strong, and/or read about how to turn on the seven fat burning conditions that are described in the Slenderizing Secrets.
  9. Exercise, Sunshine, and Fresh Air: Click on the following links to review daily exercise, sunshine, and fresh air 
  10. Benefits of Proper Sleep: Study the following beneficial sleep recommendations and develop exceptional habits in this area of your life.
  11. Nurture Your Spirit: To attain your fullest potential for vitality or good health, repent of sin and weaknesses and keep all of God's commandments, as explained in the book Back to Strong. This enables us to overcome every temporal and spiritual weakness that diminishes our capacity to love and do good on this earth. See also healing gifts here.
  12. Support Resources: Read and study carefully both Original Fast Foods and Back to Strong. Also, become familiar with the resources that are made available on this website.In addition to the links provided above, view other helpful links by clicking here.

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