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The Food Bowl Solution is a simple way to create delicious and nutritious, all-in-one meals that feature each food group in proportions that sustain a thriving life. It is based upon the following principles:  

Keep it Simple: Keep food bowls simple and nutritionally balanced, as follows: 

  • Greens and Non-starchy Vegetables: Add to a food bowl a generous portion of cooked or raw greens and non-starchy vegetables from all colors of the rainbow; cut, sliced, grated, spiralized, or prepped the way you like them. 
  • Natural Carbohydrates: Next, add to same bowl, your choice of rice, beans, corn; or other grains; or starchy vegetables; or fruits, and berries, or a combination of all the above whole, pure, and natural carbohydrate sources, sufficient to meet your energy needs.
  • Natural Fats: Next, add to bowl 2 to 3 ounces of nuts, whole seeds, and up to 1/2 avocado per day.
  • Animal Products: Forebear from eating animal products, or limit their use to 2 to 3 ounces per day,  3 days per week, favoring high-omega 3 choices (e.g. salmon, tuna, sheep cheese, etc.).
  • Tangle With Taste: drizzle a healthy dressing or sauce over food bowl ingredients and mix them together well. Then, garnish and serve!

Law of the Minimum: Satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs with the fewest calories, highest volume and nutrients per calorie, and eat such food choices, only until your stomach is 80 percent full. Then, stop eating for at least ten minutes to see if hunger passes! If so, eat no more; and if not, eat some more.  

Hydration: Drink 20+ ounces of pure water or herbal tea with each meal, and as needed between meals to keep your urine clear or slightly yellow. 

Eat Only When Hungry: If you are not hungry at mealtime, skip that meal, and drink water or herbal tea alone, until the next mealtime.  

Motion is the Lotion: Order your life in a way that nudges you to be physically active throughout each day.

Original Fast Foods supports The Food Bowl Solution. It will help you increase your knowledge in the following areas:

  • Food Politics and You
  • Dietary Facts versus Myths
  • Overcome Food Addictions
  • How to best Meet Nutritional Needs
  • The Nutrient Density of Foods
  • Cleansing Secrets
  • Build Better Bone Health
  • Stabalize Your Blood Sugars
  • Diet of Largest Populations of Trim, and Fit People
  • Meal Plans & 160+Recipes
  • Non-Dietary Health Considerations

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