Breakfast Winter Salad


1 pear, sliced and diced
1 apple, sliced and diced
1 large handful of mixed greens
1 Tbsp chia seed
1 cup oatmeal

Instructions: Prepare oatmeal as desired. In this oatmeal we have added a pinch of cinnamon, maple syrup, and 1 Tbsp chia seed. While oatmeal is cooling, place lettuce in bowl and top with diced pears. Top salad and pear with oatmeal mixture and enjoy!

Special Health Notes: While protein drinks, smoothies, and juices have become very popular, on-the-go forms of breakfast, nothing beats whole foods for long-term satisfaction and for ease on the body. This combination will provide five to six hours of satisfaction, plus it will absorb into your bloodstream at a natural rate that will not spike blood sugar levels for diabetics and the 98% of today's population that is insulin resistant. It's a great way to start your day, and it will help keep fat-burning conditions active in you! Oatmeal tastes good with just about anything, is gluten free, and makes a great way to increase your leafy greens for breakfast! Apples and pears are the perfect winter fruits to help you enjoy this dish as often as desire during the winter months!


Here is a picture of the meal coming together, and below is a picture of it ready to eat. This is a simple, quick, enjoyable, and healthful way to approach breakfast.

Anytime you can eat whole foods, rather than blended or juiced, you will eat in a manner that is more favorable and natural to the body's natural physiology. The further you get away from eating truly whole foods the more difficult it is for the body to remain balanced and to most easily meet the needs of metabolism.

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