Have you ever felt the desire to teach greater truth to your family, only to have them rebel and oppose you in your efforts or simply disregard you? Have you ever wanted to follow the dietary teachings of the Word of Wisdom, only to experience opposition from a spouse or child? I want to share some painful but important experiences I have had as I have blundered in my attempts to "do what is right" personally and to "teach what is right" to my family.  


Family Gatherings


One time we were having a family gathering at my sister's home to celebrate my oldest daughter's near departure for the mission field. Attached to my sister's kitchen area of the house are double-wide sliding doors that open up into a sprawling backyard. Her yard includes a great patio for dining, a big lawn for playing volleyball or soccer, and a swimming pool. In addition the setting is perfect with a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains. It's a favorite gathering place for our family.


This was the setting of my daughter' send off into the mission field. She was heading to the MTC and then off to Denmark. Colleen and I had recently completed the first edition of Original Fast Foods and we were teaching a series of food-prep classes across the Wasatch Front. We made the decision that we would provide all the food for the event and we would include several of the entrees that had become favorites in the classes we taught. My extended family had never read my book, nor had they experienced our recipes to any extent. Moreover, prior to moving away for several years, we had been known to throw pit barbeques, chicken bakes, and meat fests. Whenever we cooked, everyone gahered! It was so fun that the left-over fireworks from the Stadium of Fire were brought down for one such food fest on our farm. 


I wanted to take this opportunity to have my family experience good tasting food that was far more healthful than what our extended family was accustom to eating. We planned to prepare similar entrees to those we had shared in our classes. We went all out with salads, soups, pasta dishes, rice dishes, sprouted crunchy treats, amazing fruit platters and so forth. When mom heard Colleen and I were providing all the food, she offered to help. We told her to just come and enjoy and that we had it all planned. Our intentions were to have our family experience the good others had experienced and enjoyed.


Even though my family knew I had written a book and was teach classes, they had busy lives and didn't really know much about the true nature of dietary changes that we'd gone through. Frankly, what I was teaching was a bit foreign to a die-hard meat and potatoes family from Idaho. Moreover, I had been an avid hunter and fisherman and brought home a lot of game in my youth. I did it with such passion, love, and skill that some of my siblings were seriously worried about me when they learned I no longer did these things. What is Jim the hunter and fisherman doing? Has he gone insane? What could have happened to him? Some were seriously worried about me and it hurt.


Mom apprehensively asked me what we were serving and I enthusiastically told her of the array of fine foods that everyone would get to enjoy. I thought she would be impressed. To the contrary, she panicked and believed we were about to ruin an otherwise perfectly good family gathering. Mom called the calvary to save the event and piles of meat and potatoes made their way to the buffet table. The day was saved and Grandmas many growing grandsons would not be deprived of the King's fare of meat and wine. So much for our intentions and efforts.


I became frustrated and hurt that she had forced her will on the event, rather than come as an invited guest to celebrate our daughter's mission in a manner that we desired. Word got around that my feelings had been hurt and this did not make a good impression upon others regarding what it was that I might be doing in classes and with my book. While scores of people outside my family were reading and benefiting from the book and loved the food, not one family member had taken the time to read it. Worse, some believed there must be something wrong with what I was doing, especially if I was bothered by Grandma bringing all the "good stuff" to the party.


Lessons Learned


I learned a hard lesson from this event. The best way to influence family and friends is not to impose change upon them, but is to simply bring the best you have to offer and include it in the family buffet offering with whatever else happens to show up. As your ability to make truly healthful and tasty offerings improves and increases, some who try them become naturally drawn and even become advocates for needed change. Also is is common for more and more of the family to ask, "How did you make this; it tastes so good and looks so healthy?" These can become fun sharing and edifying moments.


Section 42 of the Doctrine in Covenants teaches that we are to teach only as directed by the Spirit; and that if the Spirit is not given, we are not to teach. Similarly, in section 50 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord poses a question asking if we have ever received spirits which we can not understand, and received them to be from Him? In otherwords, have you ever taught truth by any other Spirit than God's Spirt; He then asks if we are justified to teach by these other spirits.


In this discourse we learn that only when the teacher and receiver of truth teach and receive truth by God's Spirit can they be edified together; and, as we continue to teach and receive light and truth in such a manner, both teachers and receivers of truth continueth in God and receive more light; and it grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day. Teaching in any other manner is unjustified and often heaps unnecessary opposition, persecution and ill-will upon us.


Imagine the Lord asking you the following: "Have ye ever placed healthy food in front of your family by any spirit other than My Spirit, and in this are ye justified? Behold, ye shall answer this question yourseves; nevertheless, I will be merciful unto your for doing so; he or she that is weak among you hereafter shall be made strong.


Interestingly, the Lord taught the Word of Wisdom by invitation and not by constraint and we must follow His perfect example in love and by invitation. Since our initial blunders with family we have changed our approach considerably. We make sure that a wonderful selection of food exists to support the dietary recommendations of the Word of Wisdom, but we do not ever seek to prevent others from adding other choices that are perfectly normal for them. Just because your version of "normal" radically alters, and even though your normal aligns far better with truth than the family's normal, it doesn't mean that imposing that truth on others will be a good experience for anyone. 


Impressively, extended family gatherings have continued in our family, and since 2005 the nature of the food offering at these events improves with each passing year. Healthful food offerings are sincerely appreciated, furnished, and enjoyed by everyone. Meat is still included in the buffet, but a noticable shift has occured. Where once meat occupied a more dominant presence, it is now suprisingly sparing when compared to the many other wonderful entrees. Without planning for such an outcome, we have gradually moved in a more healthful direction as an extended family, and everyone is on board and enjoying it. 


In my direct family, my son-in-laws have shared with me that they were concerned when they first came to our home because our plates were not filled with meat, as they were accustom to. They said at first they were nervous, but that they now love to eat at our house. By going out of the way to include a little chicken or shrimp on the side that can easily be added as a condiment to otherwise very complete and healthful dishes, they have willingly tried our healthful dishes, where otherwise they would not have done so without feeling somewhat constrained to do so. Now they love coming to dinner and also enjoy eating a larger quantity of healthful food options in their diet. What a difference it makes to use invitation without constraint.


Similarly, when we've invited the missionaries for dinner, they have expressed that it is the best food they have had as missionaries and that we should come and teach all missionaries how to eat. They watch how we build our meals on our plates for dinner and do the same. We let them know that they are welcome to add meat over their haystack, or eat it without, like the prophet Daniel. It's lots of fun to watch others truly enjoy a large satiating Hawaian Hastack salad or a bowl of Daniel's Chile, and to enjoy a chocolate banana shake for dessert. Every bite is delightful and when they are done, not only are they satsified at the gut level, they feel noticibly better than usual.


Why Have I Shared these Stories?


Since 2005 we have taught many people in enrichment groups and other group settings. Sometimes the spirit is very strong and the truth of what we say is very inviting to those seeking for the help we offer. Sometimes sisters go home afterwards, filled with righteous desire and jump too far, too fast with their families. Often this creates rebellion and resistance. Some sisters even feel persecuted for doing the right thing. My recommendation for anyone wanting to do the right thing, which is to upgrade your family eating patterns to reflect the principles taught in the Word of Widsom, is to master just one new dish as a time. Make sure your selection is something your family will like. Practice making it until it is good enough that it could be served in a restaurant. Then, present it to your family as a part of any other meal. Don't be surprised when they say something like, "Mom this is really good, can we have it again?" Let that be your aim.


For example, lets say you want to introduce smoothies to them. Try a few of the smoothies personally, until you know you are begining with one they will love. Rather than change their whole breakfast, just introduce the smoothie while keeping all other things the same. It doesn't take long for things they like to take up permanent residence. Then add a breakfast option to go with the smoothie that they like. Work your way through breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a similar manner. If you do this right, you will never experience serious opposition or push-back from your spouse or family. To the contrary, it becomes a very pleasant journey.


If you will exercise the kind of patience Elder Uchdorf spoke of recently in conference, and keep all things the same, except the occaisional introduction of a new healthful and great tasting offering, all will move in the right direction. Also, study the story in the book of Jacob, of the allegory of the olive trees. The Lord of the vineyard was careful to not cut out too much of the bad all at one time. There is a lesson here, and as you direct your righteous desires toward improving the health of your family apply these lessons and becareful to shift their version of normal at a pace that does not cause them to feel they've gone from norm to wierd. Also, remember the Lord always teaches by invitation and not constraint. Make each new healthful choice you introduce as inviting as possible and maintain the "restaurant rule." Treat your family as important customers that you want to satisfy and please at the dinner table.


This is such an important topic that I have opened this forum in the hopes that members of LDS Health Today will begin to share what they have done to more gracefully introduce the important dietary aspects of the Word of Wisdom in their homes, extended families, and even ward families.


Please share what you do and have done to make this a pleasant journey for those you love. Also, do not be afraid to share your failures, especially if you can help us all laugh and learn from our mistakes. Sometimes when I think of my father who has passed away, I vividly recall the smile in his eyes that flickered with humor. When I think of him, I believe that God too has a great sense of humor and at times, watches us try so hard, and sometimes too hard and laughs with delight. Then I feel His spirit remind me that invitation is the ordained manner of the Lord. It is not my duty to constrain anyone to go to heaven or to improve their health; it is only my duty to invite them in the most pleasing and enjoyable ways possible.


It is good to become converted to any truth; it is also difficult to transcend from conversion to a practical application of truth in everyday living. It takes time, patience, and love. Seek to invite and resist the natural man in you that might otherwise constrain, manipulate, or force. And again, please ask your questions, and share your experiences for overcoming needless opposition and experiencing success with others.


All Our Best,

Jim and Colleen

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I love this article and have found it to be true. When I tried to do Daniel's Challenge 2 years ago cold turkey, I crashed after 3 months. Now, I'm adding the healthy foods as I can, not running faster than I have strength. Before, when I got hungry, I'd wait too long to eat, because I didn't have anything prepared that was healthy enough, and I wasn't very fast at preparing all the new kinds of foods. Now, if I get hungry, I eat the healthiest option available, trying to keep easy snack foods on hand like apples and oranges. If I eat something unhealthy, I just get back on track afterwards, not feeling that I have failed. I guess I'm learning not to go to extremes. I have also found the principles here to apply to recovering from addictions. When we've tried and tried to leap from sin to righteousness, it might be wise to try to bridge the gap step by step as we mature spiritually by choosing the "lesser evil" on our way to perfection.
Janna, you bring up an important point in this discussion regarding addictions. Chapter Three of Original Fast Foods treats this important topic to a certain extent. Additionally, even drug rehab clinics are discovering the importance of diet that maintains stable blood sugar levels. Research demonstrates there is a connection between stable blood sugars and the slowing of addictive responses. Abnormal blood sugar levels are believed to trigger those responses. As a father who loves my ten children and my grandchildren, I personally believe God is thrilled with every step we take toward greater light and truth. As I watch my children, never does the thought of their perfection today enter my mind; always, my heart and mind cares about the happiness they can achieve today.
Thank you for writing all of this it is most needed and true. I remember reading in a parenting book once that when introducing solids to your baby and he rejects it, you must not give up assuming they don't like it. A child needs up to ten exposures to "learn" that new taste. True, some babies take a particular food the first time that another rejects vehemently but I feel this principle holds true with us and our older children, keep offering the new things and it will come. For instance, my family loves ethnic cuisine and Thai food is really good, I make Peanut sauce frequently with chicken and rice and vegetables; the first time I made Oriental Salad with Thai dressing, my children said not to make it again and I thought it was great; so the second time I got out both recipes (my old one and the new one) and combined them so it was more healthy but still had similar flavor, I made the salad part nearly the same but tweaked it to the vegis my children love and we had success on the second go around! Slowly I will continue to do better and better and so will my family. Just like the fable "The Tortoise and the Hare," those of us who feel the spirit of truth and want to run fast and do it now and make changes quickly, end up needing a rest or stopping all together but slow and steady really do win the race and that is my goal!
This whole forum is such a blessing. It is a joy to read so many comments, so full of true principles. My daughter has been blessed with 'motivating health challenges', that have led me to continually seek for greater knowledge and understanding of how nutrition can impacts our lives for good (or bad)!~
After sincere prayer and fasting about the Word of Wisdom, a friend and I were led to Daniel's challenge. It has been an exciting journey so far. We are little more than a month into it and my family is feeling quite energized.This article is an excellent reminder of what I learned when I was converted to the restored gospel over 20 years ago--not everyone is prepared for or interested in, what I choose to embrace; but through time, those that want the fruits of what I have, seek to know how to aquire it!
Ah, I must once again face my ever looming lack of PATIENCE.
I have a quote by Howard W. Hunter that sits above my kitchen sink, to daily remind me of how I can best teach and bless others. I think it applies beautifully to what has been discussed here.
"God's chief way of acting is by persuasion and long-suffering, not by coercion and stark confrontation. He acts by gentle solicitation and by sweet enticement. He always acts with unfailing respect for the freedom and independence we possess. He wants to help us and pleads for the chance to assist us, but he will not do so in violation of our agency...
To countermand and ultimately forbid our choices was Satan's way, not God's, and the Father of us all simply will never do that. He will, however, stand by us forever to help us see the right path, find the right choice, and respond to the true voice, and feel the influence of His undeniable spirit. His gentle, peaceful, powerful persuasion to do right and find joy will be with us 'so long as time shall last, or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man upon the face thereof to be saved'
(Moroni 7:26)".
I have a dream of our ward potluck table being filled with healthful delicious choices, that I can turn my daughter loose on!
Yes, the Ward dinners are difficult affairs.
Thanks for your response, Jim. By the way, when I refer to "perfection," I'm refering to the true principle of perfection or wholeness, not the unattainable counterfeit of perfection of perfectionism. Perfection or wholeness comes only when we couple our best (but always lacking) efforts with the healing and compensatory properties of Jesus' atonement. That other "perfection" is bad news.

If the hebrew translation of "perfect" is "whole," (as we were taught in Gospel Doctrine) then couldn't we paraphrase Jesus' statement, "Be ye, therefore, perfect," as "Be ye, therefore, whole," or "Be ye, therefore, healed?" And doesn't eating in the way you proscribe do just that for our bodies and thereby our minds and spirits? Just thinking out loud, here. I loved your comments, and as a mother of eight, I second them regarding kids' happiness.
I know that I need to seek my own answers. I am on a mission to figure out what is best for my families health. I agree with everything I have read. I just am having a hard time knowing what is right . Is raw milk eggs, cheese, yogurt and so on considered meat? If so how do I get enough protien and enzymes,probioticsand fats? I have been reading Sally Falons Nurishing Traditions Cook book. How can I or Sally Falon compete with the Word of Wisdom? I never asked God what I should eat. I just knew what not to put into my body. I feel I am seeking for answers by asking questions from those who have succeded. Instead of the hard way of doing it all on my own. Then praying to know if the information is true. Thank you for your hard work to provide all this great information. I love reading it after the kids are in bed.
Hi Tamera,

First, I recommend you read the book, Original Fast Foods. It has a section that talks about our protein needs and other needs and lots of other great information. If you want to learn from those who have succeeded, it is a great place to start.

Here are two articles with good information about our protein needs and good sources of protein: http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/nutrition-manifesto/plant-protein-...

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