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By volume, the body is mostly water. Proper hydration of the body leads not only to a more youthful look and feel, but helps to overcome pain that is often associated with aging and injury. Injuries that cause breaks in nervous system pathways are especially painful when the body is not well hydrated. By comparison, when properly hydrated, the water in the body helps signaling within the nervous system pathways to jump the breaks without causing pain. The USDA recommends that you drink 64+ ounces of water daily. One of the secrets to enjoying a slender body is to hydrate well. Too often today people put food in their mouth to respond to the bodies desire for water. Learning to recognize thirst and the need to hydrate over the need to eat is one of the biggest steps you can take to enjoy your ideal weight. You can enjoy proper hydration doing many things. Consider the following: 

  1. Keep a pitcher or other container of water with you each day and enjoy the habit of sipping and drinking water throughout the day.
  2. Enjoy raw fruits and vegetables each day. Not only are they highest in nutrient density, but their water content is much higher than their cooked counterparts and is naturally filtered and safe to consume.
  3. Use water as a base to herbal teas, which also provide other healthful properties. Sip and enjoy herbal teas as well as plain water throughout the day.
  4. Water-based soups not only hydrate but create excellent satiation that is known to be extremely helpful with weight-management objectives. As you enjoy your green veggies daily within a water-based soup, you will accomplish two objectives, the first to hydrate well, and the second to enjoy a large serving of green veggies daily.
  5. If you choose to enjoy fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices or blended smoothies, (see drinks here and here), it is wise to cut the juice by at least 50% water. This will not only add to hydration properties, but it is especially helpful for diabetics or anyone else who suffers from high blood sugars, insulin resistance, or who tend to put on unwanted weight. With all your drinks, remember always to sip and savor over time and to not guzzle and gulp.


Enjoy the Following Hydration Solutions (click links to view written recipes)


See the Following Videos for More Great Hydrating Solutions


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