In the early 1900s just one person in 150 was overweight. Today, two in three Americans are overweight. And, we suffer from the highest rates of diet-induced disability, illness, and disease in the world. Our diets today are terrible! In the early 1900s, two-thirds of what we ate was fresh from the garden. Nowadays, ninety-three percent of what we eat is sugar, oil, refined grains, and animal-based foods. This is insane! If you are satisfied with your present body weight and health, then keep doing what you are doing. But, if not, consider the dietary habits of the slimmest, longest living, and most disease-free people in the world.

Here are the dietary habits of fit and healthy populations:
  1. First, healthy people meet nutritional requirements with foods that are high in nutrient content, but low in calories. Unhealthy people eat foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. To be slim, disease-free, and to live long, satisfy your nutritional needs with foods that possess the highest nutrient content per calories consumed (see nutrient density chart on page 67 of Original Fast Foods for greater detail).
  2. Second, healthy people are able to eat until satisfied without gaining weight because the foods they consume are high in volume but low in calories. By comparison, the average American exceeds his or her caloric budget before consuming sufficient volume to feel satisfied. Achieve satisfaction by eating foods that are high in volume but low in calories.
  3. Third, most foods consumed by healthy people are easily digested such as whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes which require just a few hours to fully enter the bloodstream. By comparison, refined and processed foods, and animal-based foods require eight to 24+ hours to fully enter the bloodstream. Cut your digestive burdens in half by meeting nutritional requirements with easily digested foods.
  4. Fourth, healthy people truly like what they eat and they also keep food preparation simple. Your diet must be simple and enjoyable and it must offer variety and satisfaction. If you don’t enjoy a healthful diet, or if it becomes too hard to do, then you will stop doing it. Learn how to eat healthfully; then, add healthful and enjoyable variety; finally keep it simple.
  5. Fifth, fit and healthy people surround themselves with healthful foods. By comparison, unhealthy people are surrounded with unhealthful foods. See that your pantry, refrigerator, workplace, car, and so forth support sound dietary health. Get rid of the junk!

Original Fast Foods and Daniel’s Challenge teach the what, why, when and how of a sound dietary lifestyle in a manner that mirrors the dietary habits of the healthiest populations in the world. These fine publications are supported by the recipe videos here at LDS Health Today. The videos provide the greatest benefit, only as you gain the knowledge of how to best integrate these recipes into your diet by reading Original Fast Foods and Daniel's Challenge (see buy-link below)

Daniel’s Challenge Six-Week Quick-Start Program

What is Daniel’s Challenge? Daniel was an Israelite prophet whose dietary habits enabled him with great health, strength, and wisdom. Daniel's Challenge is to follow the dietary habits of the healthiest people in the world for just six weeks and to discover for yourself what a difference it makes. It is common to lose 20 to 40+ pounds during the six-week challenge, to experience increased energy, and to lower cholesterol and blood pressure significantly. It is even common to arrest and begin the reversal of diet-induced diseases. You will notice a difference in how you feel, in how easily you lose excess weight, and in improvements with internal health biomarkers (such as cholesterol and blood pressure levels). Based upon your results, you will then choose whether to adopt these habits for a lifetime.


The book Original Fast Foods and the free Daniel's Challenge ebook are the basis for Your Health Today and the supportive videos, articles, live support, events, support groups, and so forth have all been created to support the understanding you will gain as you read these important publications.


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Part of the 3-in-1 is now the free Daniel's Challenge Download on the main page of the website. The only purchase available is the book Original Fast Foods. Jim

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