What is the Mission Statement of Original Fast Foods and Your Health Today?
Empower individuals to achieve and maintain their vitality potential and ideal body weight for a lifetime?

What is the Statement of Belief behind this Mission Statement?
Happiness is inseparably connected to service rendered and contributions made. As health improves, the ability to serve, contribute, and to fulfill one's purposes are enhanced exponentially.

What is the Original Fast Foods Invitation and the Invitation of this Website?
It is to master the basics of dietary lifestyle success. By so doing you will be able to most easily and expeditiously maintain your vitality potential and ideal body weight for a lifetime, and your ability to contribute and to fulfill your important purposes will be enhanced exponentially.

Finding Balance as You Seek to Improve Health and Your Contribution Potential
There is an important line to consider when seeking to improve one's health, whether from making sensible dietary changes, obtaining adequate rest, or including adequate exercise in one's daily life. I would like to address this important topic of balance in a manner that is not often spoken of within this industry.Let's begin by asking an unusual question. 

What is Idolatry? 
Within Jewish and Christian beliefs Idolatry occurs when one's position, views, and behavior reflects apostate views or views that cannot be reconciled by God's position on a particular subject. Idolatry is a false worship that leads to an emphasis in one's life that is out of balance with God. Let's ask a few related questions.

When is a focus on your body shape, weight, and vitality appropriate and when does it cross over to idolatry? This question may conjure up thoughts of extreme body builders, super models, and celebrities where the form of their body, face, and persona becomes the predominant focus for a person's life. What can be learned by such people that is not idolatrous and that can enable you to most efficiently maintain your vitality?

What dietary extremes constitute idolatry and what dietary truths must be mastered if you would enjoy your potential to contribute and to fulfill your important purposes in life?

These are important questions and you must determine for yourself the balance which best enables you to worship a true and living God and what imbalance constitutes idolatry in your life. I am not the judge in these matters. I am only asking questions for your consideration, questions that you should ask and answer for yourself.

As you seek to master truths that will enable you to obtain your vitality potential and enjoy your ideal body weight for a lifetime, always seek to remember that your creator knows the workings of your body. He ordained foods for its use; your body was built with a need to move, to be active, and to work and play hard; and it was built with a need to obtain adequate rest and repair. Therefore, master the principles which will enable you to achieve your health and contribution potentials and to sustain them for life.

Gold's Gym Preacher
I met a man who sold passes to the Gold's Gym who preached a true philosophy in an industry that is often idolatrous. He said, "There is a way of exercising the body in just fifteen to thirty minutes a day that guarantees a person can enjoy the other 23 plus hours focused upon what is most important for them to do in life." So here was a man who recognized true principles employed by body builders that if used appropriately result in maximum benefit for the least amount of time spent.

Maximum Benefit for Least Time Spent  
If we can follow this principle when it comes to eating right, exercising right, and sleeping right, we can enjoy ideal body weight for a lifetime and a vitality potential that will exponentially enhance our ability to contribute in this lifetime.

In the coming days, I will be writing a short article about each recipe that is posted on this website. The purpose will be to help you master the principles behind the recipe so that you can then determine how you can most easily and efficiently apply the principle to you and your family's liking. It would be my pleasure and the pleasure of all who frequent this site, that as you take creative license applying correct principles, you will share how you most easily, efficiently, and enjoyably create healthful meals that respect the nature and constitution of our bodies.

With All Thy Learning Seek Wisdom
With two in three Americans overweight today and because we suffer from the highest rates of diet-induced disability and disease in the world today, it is incumbent that we learn what the God in heaven intended for the preservation of our bodies. As we seek the answers to this question, we should avoid idolatrous dietary and exercise extremes and apply wisdom. Wisdom is best applied as we master principles and truths that carry with them the promised blessings of health. And whether those principles are found in the gym, in the kitchen, or in the scriptures, seek to avoid idolatry and to maintain balance as you learn to apply them most efficiently and enjoyably.

Please post your questions and comments regarding this topic below. Also, be sure use the share features below to share those things that benefit you with others who may also benefit.

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