I just got back to Utah after 3 months in Seattle, where the organic produce is fresh and varied. It's been awful to open a box of organic baby spinach that I paid $5 for and find old squishy junk. By this time tomorrow or the next day, I'll have 2 lbs. home grown greens and enough wheat grass for 10-12 oz of juice. I've started an indoor square inch kitchen garden. Wahoooo I'm fading from lack of greens.


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How are you growing this? I don't see any lighting!
It's a few feet from the sliding glass door, which gets indirect light most of the day and direct light for about 4 hours.
I like your set-up! Do you juice your wheat grass or just put it in a blender? If you use a juicer, what kind do you have? I need to get one. I have a vitamix, but think that a juicer would be nice to have (for carrots, apples and wheat grass).
I just have a hand crank juicer for wheat grass. I'm leaning towards using my Vitamix with a bit of water and straining the way my in-laws did years ago. The Champion Juicer people are working on an attachment for wheat grass juicing that I'm waiting to buy, when they are available. I have a centrifugal juicer for veggies and fruits, but they do not work for wheat grass.
Thanks! I am not currently juicing anything. I just put ingredients in my vitamix and make smoothies. For example, in my morning smoothie, I just cut up carrot, and throw that in along with salad savoy, spinach, strawberries, pineapple and a little water and ice. I like my smoothies a little thick and icy. I haven't yet used wheat grass, but I understand it gives you a nice energy boost.
I tried putting it in the smoothie. Ummm....Yuck! I love how wheat grass makes me feel, but it's an aquired taste best experienced singly.
Your "green" garden is great! Tips on growing sun flower seeds anyone?
I'm going to grow my own this summer, since they grow fabulously in UT. I've had 1 green smoothie and 4 oz. wheat grass so far today. Hurrah for self-sufficiency!!!!!
Ruth Ann, I have researched this. You need the black shell sunflower seeds in the shell, raw. You need some nutrient rich soil to grow them in. I got sick of paying the high price for them at the farmers market last summer. I think I bought mine from www.sproutpeople.com
I got mine from wheatgrasskits.com in #10 cans. They have oodles of differnt types of seeds to sprout or grow into greens. I chose sunflower and buckwheat, because that's what Ann Wigmore suggested were the best-tasting, easiest to grow coices for beginning indoor gardeners.
Thanks for the pic's! I was growing wheat grass last summer, and you have motivated me to get going again. Do you have trouble with mold in your wheatgrass in the winter? I think I will try growing some other greens too.
Thanks again.
I put a heater near it during cold weather. No mold

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