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There is a vital link between helping others, giving, health and happiness. Enjoy learning more about how to best enable this vital link. Enabling perfect principles of dietary health is merely a preface to the greatest principle of health discussed herein and is the secret to everlasting health, strength, posterity, prosperity and happiness.


Jesus taught that if we would become God’s heirs to heaven’s choicest blessings, including everlasting health, then we must learn to love everyone as we love ourselves, even our enemies. All men desire to receive kindness, to have their needs met, and to be okay. Learning to be kind to everyone and helping others to have their needs met and to be happy is the purpose of this life. To become God’s heirs we must come to love God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds; and we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves, which occurs as we follow the Savior’s example to go about helping one another to be well and happy.

Three Lights

Three lights are given to help us learn to love as God loves. The first is the Light of Christ, which giveth light to every man. By this light we may discern between good and evil as easily as we can discern between light and darkness. Everything that persuades us to do good and to be kind is of God, and that which persuades us to not do good or to be unkind is of evil. As we choose good and kindness over evil we grow in light, truth, and love.

Choosing good over evil qualifies us to receive a second light, which is the gift of the Holy Ghost, our divine teacher. He abides in us and speaks to our hearts and minds, guiding us just as quickly as we are able and willing to receive greater light, truth, love, and knowledge. We progress to love as God loves as we suffer ourselves to do the Lord’s will in all things. His will is customized uniquely for each of us to help us become His heirs.

As we yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, we grow in faith, knowledge, and love until we qualify for the third light, which is to enter into the presence of the Lord, wherein we receive Him as our Second Comforter. (See Redemption.) He then teaches, comforts, and guides us further until we become purified as He is pure and we can be presented without spot, by Him, to the Father, which is a gift we may receive during our lifetimes. We qualify for this great blessing as we consecrate our lives to being His true and loving disciples.


Jesus is our perfect example, guide, and teacher. If we want to become like Him, we must do as He did. He healed the sick, raised the dead, caused the blind to see, the lame to walk, walked on water, fed thousands, and went about doing good continually. He promised that His disciples would do all the things He did and even greater. We become His true disciples as our bowels our filled with charity, our thoughts are garnished with virtue, as pure knowledge distills upon our souls, and as we heed His call to straightway leave our cares to go about doing the good He wants us to do today.

To be true disciples we must place all our trust in Him and consecrate all our gifts, talents, possessions, and our very lives to do His will each day. This becomes possible as we anchor our Trust in the Savior -- to meet all our personal needs, including our temporal needs, rather than placing our trust in Babylon. The failure of the Rich Young Ruler was that he did not place all his Trust in the Savior, but placed a portion of his trust and security elsewhere. His life was secured by his riches and he sorrowed at the thought of giving up his security to lovingly meet the needs of the poor and to help them be okay, which the Master asked him to do. Wherein is our Trust? Is it all in the Lord or is a portion of it elsewhere? Consider signs of true disciples who give all trust to the Lord:

  • Consecrate gifts, talents, lives, and all we possess to do the Lord's will daily.
  • Labor for Zion and not for money. (2 Nephi 26:31.)
  • Forsake class divisions among us and esteem all flesh as one. (1 Nephi 17:35.)
  • Refrain from saying, "This man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand, and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just...” (Mosiah 4:17.) 
  • Become pure in heart and familiar with all and free with our substance that all may be made rich like unto us so that there are no more poor among us (Jacob 2:17)
  • Be as true believers who share all goods and substances. (Acts 2:44-47
  • Do not store up treasures unto ourselves to securitize ourselves. (Luke 12:16-21)
  • Secure needs by asking for and receiving whatsoever we need to do God’s will. (Moroni 7:26
  • Do all things Christ did and even greater -- as Jesus prophesied regarding His true disciples.


The Challenge - Click here and listen, then do the following:

Each day enter your private place and ask the Father who He wants you to help that day. Quiet your mind sufficiently that you are not caught up in the cares of the world. If you are distracted or your intent is not real, He will remain silent to you. As you desire with real intent to know and do His will, He will make it known to you. As you lift the burdens of others, your soul will be filled with light, love, and peace. If you would become sanctified and become His, then when He calls you to lift and help another, do as His apostles who straightway left their nets, or the cares of the world, to follow Him. It is sufficient to pray daily to know the Lord's will for that day and to then go about doing it. This is the pathway for becoming like Him. To accept this kindness challenge do the following:

  1. Pray: Begin each day by kneeling in Prayer to express your Gratitude to the Lord. As your heart is filled with gratitude for your many blessings, allow your heart to be drawn out toward the needs of others. Ask who the the Lord wants you to help and express your desire to help. (See I’m Available Lord.) You will feel a desire in your heart to do something kind for someone. Consider carefully what it is you are to do and then do it.
  2. Ask and Receive: Secure the faith of the Mustard Seed so that all things the Lord asks of you to do during the challenge will become possible to you. God promises that as we offer our all to do His will, He will add to our all everything else we need to accomplish His will. As you learn and do His will to help others, ask in confidence and receive whatsoever you need so that you may provide the help you are to give.
  3. Fast: Fast 24 hours one day each week of the challenge to more fully endow yourself with the Lord’s power, influence, and pure flow of blessings. (see Fasting.) 
  4. Journal: Record your kindness experiences and the blessings you receive as you go about doing good continually. (see Sunshine, Rain, and Love.) 
  5. Sacrifice: Any Sacrifice you make while doing the Lord’s will is accompanied by a promise that your sacrifices will be restored unto you, even an hundred fold. Record sacrifices you make and blessings you receive as you go about helping others. Remember these as you pray (see 1 above). 
  6. Holiness: Seek to fully understand the Path of Holiness and record goals and experiences concerning holiness as you go about being kind. (See Holiness.)
  7. Share: Please invite others to accept the Kindness Challenge and to enjoy the blessings that are predicated upon living our lives according to the highest laws of heaven. Also, we come out from the condemnation under which we labor as we "do" these things and not "say" them only. (D&C 84:53-57)


Kindness Challenge Summary

Learning to love as Jesus loves by helping others meet their needs and to be okay and happy, is the essence and sum aim of our existence. It qualifies us to become God’s heirs and to receive everlasting blessings of health, strength, and posterity and to receive a dominion that flows unto us forever and ever without compulsory means.

Three sources of light help to guide and teach us what to do to become God’s heirs and to become recipients of Heaven’s choicest blessings. We come into this life with a promise that as fast as we are willing and able to receive light it will be given to us. It is our choice to progress in the path of goodness and love by consecrating our all to do the Lord's will, or to become distracted by the cares of the world and the honors of man.

God commanded the Brother of Jared to build vessels and gave him light for the journey. Through the prophet Elijah He asked the Widow of Nain to give all the food she had, and then preserved her and her son from the famine. God commands the mustard seed to grow from the tiniest of seeds into a large tree and then supplies water, sunshine, and nutrients required to enable growth. So too, as we consecrate our all to do God’s will, we secure unto ourselves a sacred promise. As we give our all, God provides all else that is necessary for us to accomplish His purposes. Truly, when we are about our Father’s business, He generously gives to us everything that we need in order to do His business.

He does not want us to grow weary of heart, mind, or soul or to faint in the way. He expects us to ask with confidence for that which we need. We should find ourselves saying daily, "To do what it is you desire me to do today and that I desire to do, I will need the following..." We each have sacred duties and responsibilities, and as we go before Him we should first take time to remember His tender mercies on our behalf and express our pure love for Him. As we express our gratitude, our hearts will be drawn out toward others and we will know who to serve by those simple and pure feelings that come to us from heaven.

The wonderful blessings of the millennial state begin for each of us the moment we choose to live by the laws which govern heaven -- the highest of which are to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. As we so consecrate ourselves, the Millennium begins in that moment for us and will spread from one person and one congregation to the next -- until it covers the whole earth. (JD, B Young, 1:198; D&C 130:20-21.) Our challenge is to “do” true religion and not to “say or hear” it only. We labor under a state of condemnation by treating lightly that which has been given to us by the words of all prophets and writers of holy writ. If we do not choose to “do” rather than to “say only,” we will one day be trodden upon, scattered, and smitten. (3 Nephi 16: 8-15.) We secure our path in life as we seek to know and do the Lord’s will daily and as we consecrate all that we have and are to His will. He alone can guide our consecrated efforts; He alone knows each of us perfectly and can orchestrate what we are each to do. We alone, like the Widow of Nain who gave her all as she was preparing to die, may similarly qualify ourselves for the Lord’s unrestrained blessings as we do His will in all things and thereby become His true disciples. Consider those within your circle of influence who need your help, heed the Lord’s invitation, and go about doing good.

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Thank you for sharing.  I think more and more people are realizing what you say is true, but unfortunately, maybe we are fearful of what the Lord may ask of us.  Maybe, I should speak for myself.  As I get older, I feel less fear and feel like the pull of the world is less strong.  This makes me want to share these concepts more with my children and grandchildren, so they can experience this Christ-like love and giving at an earlier age and not waste precious earthlife on the things that do not matter.  I hope this makes sense.
I have been studying "calling and election made sure" and find these words compatable with my studies.  I like the easy step process and the recording in a journal for accountability and to become more consciously aware of individual progress toward the "goal".
As you consider His will for you each day and as you ask for whatsoever you need to do His will, remember that He is kind. He does not give us a stone when we ask for bread, or a serpent when we ask for a fish. He gives only good gifts. Also, His will is perfectly customized to our present capacity and for our growth to help enable us step-by-step to lay hold upon sufficient faith and knowledge to one day enter into His rest and to take up our abode with Him.

Diana Kay Baker said:
Thank you for sharing.  I think more and more people are realizing what you say is true, but unfortunately, maybe we are fearful of what the Lord may ask of us.  Maybe, I should speak for myself.  As I get older, I feel less fear and feel like the pull of the world is less strong.  This makes me want to share these concepts more with my children and grandchildren, so they can experience this Christ-like love and giving at an earlier age and not waste precious earthlife on the things that do not matter.  I hope this makes sense.

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