I started this journey back in August. Little by little I substitued greens and fruits for my other meals. I feel great and my health problems are going away. However, now I find that I must make myself eat. I have no desire to eat. I used to eat everything in sight like a log chipper. Now I have 1 quart of green smoothie, a large salad, and maybe a couple more pieces of fruit and rice or a few nuts. I drink lots and lots of water., too. Just not hungry. Is this OK?



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I have felt like that, too, from time to time. I have theorized that perhaps because I am getting better nutrition, I don't need so much volume of food as before. In any case, I'm working to lose weight, so not being hungry seems like a good thing to me. It's a tremendous blessing to be able to lose weight without counting calories, measuring portions, and fighting food cravings all the time. None of those things has ever worked for me in the past, but I've now lost nearly 30 pounds on my way towards a goal to lose much more. This is WONDERFUL!

The only other experience I have seen with lack of appetite was connected to low thyroid, but since you are feeling good and in improving health, so long as you aren't becoming underweight, I'd say not to worry about it. If you had low thyroid, you would also have no energy, and that doesn't sound like the case with you.
Low thyroid was a problem until a few weeks ago--not now. Using herbs and lots of veggies to fix it. Most of my health problems have vanished. I've lost 24 lbs in 7 months. Still want to loose a bit more. Not too skinny. But I've read in so many places that we need 1200-1400 calories to maintain health. I certainly can't claim that. I guess I won't worry about it and see what happens.
I am interested in how herbs and veggies fixed low thyroid. While I don't have it myself, numerous members of my family do, meaning that I watch for it in case it should show up. What herbs?

So far as the calories go, have you measured your water intake? It is possible to feel full from drinking too much water. Personally I still have to work on drinking ENOUGH, so I always measure my water intake, but I also know that too much water can cause problems, too.
3 parts mullien and 1 part lobelia by weight internally (capsules or tea) and as a compress on the front of the neck 6 nights out of 7 for as long as it takes. 6-15 kelp and alfalfa tablets per day. Plus you gotta clean out the pipes so they flow several times a day, if you know what I mean. Eating all the greens you can stuff down your gullet and lots of fruit gives the body a great deal of nutrition that was lacking to cause the problem in the first place. Plus I drink wheat grass juice whenever I can.
Oh, BTW, I am not a doctor and the other comment was not meant to be medical advice. I'm only passing on historical and nutritional information that I have learned.
Hi. Thank you so much for building my confidence. I have a large goiter on my neck and last year suffered with symptoms of Graves' or hyperthyroidism. The goiter is still there but I am using the lobelia and mullein, plus kelp and staying on a100% raw diet. I am feeling so much better but today have been leaning to getting my thyroid removed because I am so uncomfortable with my breathing. It presses on my trachea and I have been against removing it and trying herbs. I don't want to be on medication the reat of my life. I am 32. So I guess I am searching and reading what you wrote, even though you weren't dealing with a goiter seems to help my belief in what I am doing. Thank you
Have you tried using a 3 parts mullien and 1 part lobelia fomentation on your goiter?

A fomentation has historically been used as a method to allow herbal absorbtion through the skin. It is prepared by first making a strong infusion from the herbs. A clean white cloth (flannel) is then dipped into the very warm (not hot enough to burn the skin) tea, applied to the skin, wrapped in plastic or oiled silk, and covered with some sort of wrapping like an ace bandage. The fomentation should be applied each night and again each morning for 6 out of 7 days. If you work outside the home and a fomentation is not desireable at work, use a mullien and lobelia salve during the day. Repeat until desired results are achieved. Redness of the skin is normal and indicates increased circulation, so do not discontinue unless skin feels painful.

Using herbal remedies, you theoretically treat the underlying cause of problem. Thus it may take some patience because results are not instantly obtained. On the other hand conventional treatments often only mask symptoms and drive disease deeper into tissues. With perseverance, however, herbal remedies have historically shown they can help the body heal itself from the inside out, yielding lifelong results.

To make an infusion, pour 1 c. boiling water over 1 T. herb combination in a glass jar and cover. Let steep for fifteen minutes. Strain and use per above.

Good luck and God bless. Let us know how it goes. Some people I know have been on the medications for decades with the typical side that they attribute to normal aging: weight gain, angina, congestive heart failure, nervousness, excessive sweating, headache, muscle pain, constipation, and intolerance to heat.

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