Daniel's Challenge helps you establish a pattern of eating that is centered around fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Each of the following Kitchen Challenges have been created to enable important kitchen skills that make it easy to enjoy a sound diet. We've listed each kitchen challenge below and have provided the link to each show-me-how recipe video that supports the challenge. Read each introduction, watch each video clip, then master each recipe (be sure to have Original Fast Foods and Daniel's Challenge for complete recipe ingredients lists)!

  1. Increase Intake of Raw Fruits and Vegetables: together, raw fruits and vegatbles provide more pure water, vitamins and minerals, phyto-nutrients and antioxidant activity per calorie consumed than all other foods. What is rarely understood is they also provide perfectly balanced proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (see Original Fast Foods for details). Click here to enjoy watching several ways to increase intake of raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. Enjoy Whole-Food Dressings: healthy dressings liven up any meal and enable great variety in the way you will enjoy more fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Click here to watch how to make several wonderful dressings.
  3. Master the Art of Satiating Salads: a satiating salad is a combination of raw leafy greens and other vegetables that is topped with either rice, quinoa, other grain, whole-grain noodles, beans, and/or steamed vegetables. Click here to watch how to make several satiating salads.
  4. Enjoy our Favorite Healthful Legume (beans and lentils) Dishes: the following videos will teach an assortment of cooked vegetable dishes and bean dishes that are loaded with vegetables. Legumes are filling, satisfying, and promote stable blood sugars which help to prevent cravings and food addictions. Click here to watch how to make awesome legume dishes.
  5. Properly Prepared Grains: many people suffer from grain related disorders today. Master the art of properly preparing your grains in a variety of ways. Wow, you won't believe the great help you will get when you click here to watch how to make several different grain dishes.
  6. Fun Extras: Life is short, eat dessert first. Enjoy learning how to make healthy crunchy crackers, cookies, ice cream, and so forth. Click here to get your mouth watering as you watch these fun videos.
  7. Sparing Use of Meat: science has convincingly demonstrated that consuming more than 10% animal-based foods in your diet leads to over 4000 degenerative conditions. Master the art of making a little animal-based food go a long ways to add flavor, texture, and enjoyment (under construction). Or if you prefer, simply eliminate the use of animal-based products. While they are enjoyable additions for some people, they are non essential additions that if misused cause myriad health problems.

Have fun with these seven kitchen challenges. Never before has mastering important culinary skills been so easy and so free!


All our Best!

Jim and Colleen



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