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I was told that a cup of sprouted wheat supplies all the necessary nutrients for an adult for a day. Do you know whether this is true?

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I wish that were true, but it is an unfound myth. One cup of sprouted wheat supplies only 214 calories of energy production, and lacks an adequate volume of almost every known essential nutrient. It does offer many vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients, but even if you were to eat 10 cups of sprouted wheat per day, which is more than 2000 calories worth of wheat, it would lack adequate B-12, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and calcium, not to mention many important phyto-nutrients and essential fats. On the positive side, it could keep a person alive for an extended period of time, but certain vital nutritional reserves would diminish continually unless it could be supplemented with adequate intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and some nuts, sunshine or mushrooms, and seeds. Even then, if a person does not include some intake of animal-based foods and some adequate source of vitamin D, then they would want to supplement with an all-around vitamin pill or some other adequate method. Why? Because vitamin D is an up-regulator for 100s of metabolic processes, and inadequate vitamin B-12  leads to heart disease, among other things. The immune system would be sorely compromised as well.

Interesting. Thanks! :-) Are milk and butter animal based foods?

Yes, milk and butter are considered animal-based foods, and they provide adequate sources of much of what is lacking in wheat alone. Colleen and I used to live on a farm and raised goats that produced exceptional milk. By the way, the nutritional information that I shared with you is based upon the USDA foods database that has been complied from the work of food scientists who have tested the nutrient profiles of thousands of different foods, including sprouted wheat. Does that mean they know precisely what every nutrient is that is in wheat? No, because there are thousands of micro-nutrients being discovered annually, but testing for primary minerals, vitamins, essential fats, and proteins is a standard process now. Therefore, for at least a limited number of known essential nutrients I trust their information far better than opinion, of course unless its the Lord's opinion:)

Yes, of course. :-)

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