Super Hydrating Green Drink

The back to eden gardening video that we recently posted on our website inspired me this morning with this new green smoothie. In the film David speaks of the importance of really well-hydrated plants when it comes to enabling better pest control. The pests more easily eat dehydrated plants and tend to drown while chewing on well-hydrated plants. This reminded me of the best water that is available for our hydration. Can you guess what water that would be -- reverse osmosis, kangen, filtered, distilled, or other? It would be other; the best water is the water to hydrate your body is the structure water found inside of whole and living plants. With this in mind, check out this new and easy to make juice/smoothie combo:

8 oz spinach
8 oz Napa cabbage
2 cucumbers
5 large carrots
1 head of celery
5 dates
2 spoonfuls of coconut milk (optional)


1. Begin by juicing the cucumbers, celery, and carrots to make the following veggie water:

2. Next, add six pitted dates to 1.5 cups of this freshly juiced "veggie water." The following blended mix is what it should look like once the dates and a cup and a half of the veggie water is blended together (see blender contents):

3. Now pour the veggie water and date-blend together into a large blender with the spinach and Napa cabbage, along with a couple of spoonfuls of coconut milk. This will make two full quarts of green drink and is a super easy and healthful way to enjoy great hydration, a pound of leafy greens, including zinc-filled Napa Cabbage (good for skin). All told this drink has an extraordinary blend of micronutrients and macro nutrients. Each quart of the drink is only about 200 calories. If you drink the entire half gallon just one cup at a time during the day, that is only 50 calories per cup of pure raw nutrition! Add to this a veggie tray with a nice pulse-mix dip added to it, plus a soup and salad for dinner. You will enjoy extraordinary nutrition per caloric buck, which leads to great cleansing and renewal!

Give it a try and then share this with your friends!

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are you using a "juicer" plus a vita mix?  why the juicer as opposed to mixing it all in the vita mix?

You can blend it all if that's what you want to do; you would need to add a fair amount of water. By juicing the celery and cucumbers you get some exceptional "veggie water." This goes well blending with the dates and leafy greens. Juicing, blending, and juicing combos each produce exceptional nutritional uptake for the body. Just sharing something that worked very well this morning. Not to high of a carb load, lots of nutrition, very hydrating, etc. And yes, I used our L'Equip XL juicer (inexpensive, great warrantee, wide mouth opening, $129 juicier, etc.) and vitamix blender.

Can the "veggie water" be used in place of plain water?  Can this drink last more than one day?

Yes and yes, although oxidation begins to deteriorate the drink so it would be best to make only as much as you want to drink in a given day. 

speaking of water, what kind of plain water do you drink and what's your take on it?  

The water that flows into our homes in our area comes from one of the cleanest sources of water ever tested; plus we have a high-quality filter installed in our home. There are a lot of options with water today. I don't promote one over the other. Distillation is good option, as is reverse osmosis, or just a good filter. Filtering technology continues to improve. The LDS church now offers water filters in sports bottles for emergency preparedness that are pretty amazing. We got them for each of our children for Christmas and I've used mine while hiking in the mountains. You can take water from a mud puddle and it is filtered perfectly. A friend told me about a backpack water-filter technology that was recently introduced at Costco that is similar to the technology used in the sports bottles just mentioned, except with greater storage capacity. Filters continue to improve, and exceptional low-cost options are ever increasing, which is a good thing for my preferences. 

This is great to know.  Is there a water filter that would be good to take when you go to another country?

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