Today my family was challenged to go one full week without going to the grocery store to obtain food. Some points were made during a church meeting that bear repeating in connection with Daniel's Challenge and learning to eat a whole-food plant-based diet, like Daniel.

First, most people today do not know how to easily make naturally leavened bread from wheat, water, and salt. All the wheat in the world cannot do the body any good if we do not know how to use it to our greatest benefit. The second point I want to shareis that the way most of us eat today is far different from how we will be able to eat if we have to eat solely from our food storage and garden.

What happens internally when we make sudden changes in our diet? The body doesn't fully adapt to those changes overnight. It can take two weeks or more for the body to be able to effectively process whole foods without causing diarrhea or without causing inflammation and other problems.

Recently a friend shared her knowledge of homeopathy with Colleen and I. She gave an example to help us understand the dilutions experts create to help strengthen the body. She said that if such and such organ was functioning improperly in my body, the same organ would be taken from an animal and turned into a solution. The solution would then be diluted until there was hardly any remnants of the animal's organ left in the solution. What would be left in solution with a minimal amount of the original organ is the vibrational frequency of a healthy organ. Then, as the homeopathic remedy is used medicinally the sick organ in question is benefitted by the vibrational frequency of the healthy organ.

Similarly, when you begin Daniel's Challenge, you may experience diarrhea or other uncomfortable symptoms because your body is not properly adapted yet to thrive on a whole-foods, plant-based diet. For example, this same woman who taught us about the "Law of the Minimum" shared with us that her body suffers when she eats naturally leavened whole-grain bread. 

I suggested that she eat only a bite or two of bread daily for a couple of weeks, while also increasing her fruit and vegetable intake. By gradually increasing her intake, her body would become a better and better host for flora and fauna that aid in the digestion of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. This rang true to her because of her knowledge of this "Law of the Minimum" in homeopathy.

Various Daniel's Challenge participants have found this principle to be true. They try to eat a little less food overall as they get started, and seek to determine what foods may be causing discomfort, and then make adjustments accordingly. This principle is important if you do not already eat somewhat like Daniel ate. The further your body is from eating like Daniel today, the greater the repentance process your body must go through before it will thrive as you eat like Daniel.

As you begin to eat like Daniel, proceed forward guided by the spirit. Also, take the time to master the making of Naturally Leavened Bread and the making of various dishes that make use of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Providential living is made possible as you gain the skills to live in a manner everyday, which can then be sustained in good times and hard times. As you increase your gardening skills, store whole grains, and learn how to use these foods as an every day way of life, you will proceed forward in wisdom, your body will come to renew and regenerate itself and be made strong where it is weak, and you will achieve preparedness as a truly providential way of life.

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Thank you, James, for all of the work you have put into learning and understanding by the Spirit.  Your wisdom and example are so encouraging to me!  I also love the idea that bodies repent as we go from eating the way the world eats to eating as God has instructed us to do.  It helps to ease my frustration with the process (I have a tendency to want to make all of the changes right now, which I have found to be unsustainable).

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