I am feeling discouraged from all the contrary ideas out there. The latest and greatest say we need more fat. What are your responses to this? Your experience, etc.?

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Hi Julie,

A high percentage of today's population suffers from metabolic syndrome (system-wide imbalances in the body caused primarily from being overweight). Metabolic syndrome is a fancy way for the medical and nutritional community to say, "We don't know exactly why things are broken in you."

Once the body is out of balance, due to high body fat, people do not each respond the same to diet. However, the chart included here is very worth your consideration because in various studies, those who eat primarily from the unlimited category on this chart while losing weight do better per capita than any other weight-loss program. This is according to the only official weight-loss tracking database in the world.Look over this chart carefully and let me know of specific questions you have.

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic: Go easy on the fruit and cooked starchy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and avocados. Eat primarily raw greens and vegetables of all kinds. They are very glycemic friendly, which means they help to support stable blood-sugar levels that is important for the pre-diabetics and diabetics. As for cooked foods, limit these to all green and non-green non-starchy vegetables, and legumes (beans). Although legumes are starches, they are exceedingly friendly to diabetics when it comes to maintaining stable blood-sugar levels.  While fruits may be eaten freely by diabetics, this is generally true only if they are spread out to eating no more than one serving of fruit every two to three non-sleeping hours. 

This chart is credited to Dr. Joel Furhman, who is on official record for having more people lose 50 pounds or more and keep it off for more than five years. These are very solid recommendations.

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