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Practically speaking, the primary reason we eat is to meet energy needs that sustain metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions that take place in our cells. Each metabolic reaction requires energy to fuel it. Without energy to fuel cellular metabolism the body would cease to maintain its proper form and function. The average American needs 2000 calories of food per day to fuel metabolism.

Your body creates the energy you need from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The largest populations of trim and healthy people today and throughout verifiable human history have always obtained the bulk of their calories from starches. For example, Barley is the primary staple in the Middle East. The Aztecs and Mayas were known as, "The People of the Corn." Millet is the primary staple of Africa; Rice and Legumes are primary staples in Asia; Wheat is the primary staple in the Near East; Potatoes are the primary staple in South America; and Sweet Potatoes are a primary staple in South America and in the Caribbean.

What is it about starch that makes it the best energy source for man? Starch is created and stored in certain plants through photosynthesis. Starches are long, branching chains of sugar that are linked together and collect in plants within organelles known as amyloplasts. There are thousands of amyloplasts in each cell of starchy plants. When we eat starchy foods, the starch in the food is broken down into simple sugars that fuel energy needs at a rate that is ideally suited for human metabolism.

Starch storage organs include cereal grains (e.g. wheat, rye, rice, barley, oats, corn, millet, and so forth), leguminous grains (e.g. beans, lentils, and split peas), sweet potatoes, yams, and potatoes. These supply more than 50 percent of the calories consumed in the world.

Non-starchy vegetables produce some starch, but we don’t classify them as starchy foods, because they are not true storage organs. True starch organs store enough starch in them so that they can go dormant during winter months and then use the energy stored in them (starch) to promote new grow the following spring. We can eat starches year round to fuel our energy needs. In contrast, while fruits are also good sources of carbohydrates, they are not starches; the sugars found in fruits are simple sugars, and do not promote new springtime growth. They are best consumed in the season thereof.

Starches are naturally low in fat and contain no cholesterol. This is good because the body manufactures all the cholesterol that it needs. Starches are also plentiful in protein, providing even more than we need. Not a single starch (wheat, corn, oats, rye, barley, rice, millet, beans, lentils, split peas, potatoes, or sweet potatoes is lacking in even one essential amino acid, as is commonly believed. (See pages 72 to 79 in Original Fast Foods for supportive detail.)

Starches also provide a healthful array of vitamins and minerals. For example, if you compliment a starchy potato with broccoli, this combination provides all needed vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Also, starches are loaded with health-promoting fiber. In contrast, animal products supply us with no fiber. Even though this is fact, from the Atkins diet to Paleo, the mention of grains and starchy vegetables is enough to trigger unwarranted fear, shame, and longing. Even though it is true that starches are trimming food sources, they are blamed for the obesity epidemic in America. Consider the primary source of calories in found various popular U.S. starchy food items.

Do starches really make us fat? The primary calorie source in French fries is the oil they are cooked in. The primary calorie source in macaroni and cheese is the cheese that covers the pasta. Similarly, it is the butter on bread; the cheese, oil, and meat in lasagna; the oil used to fry potato chips and egg rolls; the oil added to dressings and marinara sauce; and the butter, cheese, and sour cream that coat funeral potatoes which supply more than half the calories consumed when we eat starches.

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy starches that do not make us fat. Again, in the verifiable history of the world, the slimmest and most healthful populations on earth enjoy a starch with every meal. They are the comfort foods of the earth, and when eaten with vegetables and fruit they create a perfect meal. Anyone who teaches differently lacks understanding and is teaching doctrines that are exactly opposite to the doctrines of Christ. If you believe Christ, then allow him to help you reconcile yourself fully to his word. He does not lie and will help you to become fully reconciled to him in all things, including diet.


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