I am a type 2 diabetic and need to lose weight - I have followed Daniel's Challenge for quite some time and have not lost any weight. I am afraid to fast for more than the 24 hours on fast Sunday.

Is there a danger to me in fasting for more than that and why is it such a problem to get the weight off and what advise or help can you suggest.

Thank You

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Hi I am also type 2 diabetic and have had a lot of success with drinking green smoothies and eating whole foods...I have lost weight, my food pain has decreased, my ankles are no longer swollen, my sugar numbers are down this morning they were 119 compared to 150-180 a month ago.

To learn about green smoothies visit www.rawfamily.com and please feel free to contact me if you like. Rochelle
Please give me a call during the call-in show Saturday morning and we can discuss a good strategy for problematic weight loss. Jim
Sorry I missed the call in - I guess because we are in Az and not on daylight savings I was an hour off - didn't think about that - turned out to be good tho as I would have missed part of conference as well because of the time difference. Will some of the questions and answers be on line from the call in.
My husband was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of days ago. Fortunately it is a mild case, to be controlled using diet and exercise rather than medication. We are still learning all the dietary stuff that goes with this, and the info he got from the doctor's office relies heavily on Nutrition Facts labels information, not very helpful for a "scratch" cook. Obviously he should do lots of vegetables and greens, and be more wary of eating too much fruit because of the natural sugars they contain. Could someone post more specifics about how they manage their diabetes using Daniel's Challenge? I would REALLY appreciate it!

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