Original Fast Foods: The text prepared to best support the videos and other support resources found on this website for this site is Original Fast Foods. It shares dietary facts you must reconcile with if you want to realize your longevity and vitality potentials. It discusses the following:
  • Common Dietary Myths
  • The addictive nature of certain foods and how to overcome them
  • The True Nature of Cleansing and how it really works
  • How to achieve superior bone health
  • How to overcome hunger by achieving stable blood sugars
  • Why U.S. healthcare is ranked last in the world for preventing, arresting, and reversing over 4000 degenerative diseases
  • How the world’s healthiest populations eat
  • The golden thread of dietary wisdom from major world religions
  • How to achieve a Magical Dietary Balance
  • Inclues meal plans, shopping lists, and 160+ recipes
  • Non-dietary considerations that support good health
  • Twelve habits that support inner peace and greater productivity
As you read and study Original Fast Foods you will feel inspired, motivated, and the understanding you will gain will help to lay a foundation for greater long-term success.

Daniel's Challenge: We invite you to download the free Daniel’s Challenge eBook. It includes meal plans, a study guide, and printable goal-setting tools and is fully supported by the recipe videos, articles, discussion forums, and a live call-in show on this site. Thousands of people have achieved their ideal body weight and health potential by accepting Daniel's Challenge.

Site Rules: Keep things fun, uplifting, helpful, and courteous. Self-promoting or promoting products and services will result in suspension from this website. The primary goal of this website is to facilitate dietary practices that mirror dietary habits of today's slimmest, most disease-free, and longest-living populations. Enjoying other health related discussions is also encouraged.

Share Great Content: Please share great recipes, participate in forum discussions, and make other helpful contributions as you desire. As you do so seek to make your dietary contributions
supportive of the Word of Wisdom and with the following dietary recommendations (from Original Fast Foods):
  • Consume whole fruits and non-starchy vegetables freely and abundantly;
  • Meet most caloric needs that are not met with fruits and non-starchy vegetables with legumes, starchy vegetables, and
  • Limit intake of animal-based foods to ten percent of your caloric intake (200 calories per day for the average American;
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of salt, sugar, overt fats, and processed and refined foods.

Invite Others: Curently the support videos, call-in show, other content and support resources found on this site are free to use. They will remain so, if you enjoy them sufficiently to invite your friends and neighbors to use this website. If you see a recipe video or try a recipe you love, or find something else that is particularly helpful to you personally, use the invite or share features associated with each video or article to share the good news with others. This is a unique resource that is dedicated to helping indivduals, friends, neighbors, and community to improve health.

To Your Best Health,
Jim and Colleen Simmons

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