So Colleen called me the other evening and asked if I could toss a salad together for a Christmas party we would be attending. Well, it was a huge party and so I asked one of my children to bring up one of our huge bowls from downstairs. Next, I thought of one of Colleen's dislikes about taking "large" salads to parties.

If people don't like the salad, then you end up with a lot of leftovers that a lot of people have rummaged through. Sorry so graphic, but it's true. So my objective was clear; make a "huge" salad that would be the first salad to be completely consumed. Then we could return home from the party, wash out a bowl and clean up would be complete. Yes!

Next, I thought of Colleen who has weathered several salad-dressing experiments lately. You see, a friend of mine is in the honey business and is the only true producer of raw honey in Utah. He is just one of only three true producers of raw honey in the country. Almost all honey that is said to be raw, has been heat processed and is not really raw at all, but this family has invented a process that doesn't required added heat. Well, I was so impressed by the benefits of "truly" raw honey that I went on a binge learning how to make dressings with honey as a part of the base.

Poor Colleen became my unwilling "tester." Too much vinegar, not enough fruit, too much honey, not enough herbs, chia makes it gritty, water is fine, and on, and on. Well, Colleen was going to be home in a few minutes and I wanted her to know that I hadn't ignored her request so I jumped right in and filled our huge bowl with half Romaine lettuce, and half baby spinach leaves. Then I whipped up a vinaigrette. It has one part apple cider vinegar (may substitute balsamic vinegar), one part water, two parts honey, and two parts whole strawberries, plus a dash of rosemary, basil, and thyme. Check, check, check and check and 30 seconds later, voila a simple, fast, and easy dressing that I poured over the leafy greens and tossed. Mmmm.

Next, some sprinkles of my favorite goat cheese, chopped nuts, some sliced strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and some slices of mandarin oranges (cut in half), and a little chopped red onion. Toss it all together once again just as Colleen gets home and we zoom off to party. Well, the salad was twice as big as the next closest salad. Colleen loved it and wanted seconds, but by the time we got back to the salad bowl it was picked clean. Victory! Colleen loved the salad. I loved making it for her, and it was fun to see so many others take a bite and dash back for more:)

Let us know if you would be interested in obtaining some of the best honey in the world, because it is just great as one of the ingredients in this new yummy love salad and dressing.

Until next time, keep the creative recipe thoughts going and enjoy this season of giving by sharing your culinary expression of love. May His love, light and spirit make this holiday bright for you and abide with you throughout this season and always.

Jim and Colleen

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I do not believe it is possible to make truly raw agave. It is always heated to extract the nectar out of the plant, and some sort of enzymes are used in the process, at least that is what local producers who produce out of Mexico have told me. I don't think there is raw maple syrup either. It is rather viscus and is heated to drive off water until it gets to the desired viscosity. Agave production is similar in nature. For all who have asked us about the honey, we are negotiating bulk order pricing. This is premium honey and I'll do my best to do as we've done with every other bulk purchase opportunity we've facilitated.  Best! 

What a great story!  

It looks like you have a list going for the salad recipe (or at least the list of ingredients) and the raw honey.  

You have peaked every ones interest in the real RAW honey.  Add me to the list.  How do we order the honey?

Thanks Jim and Colleen!


I am also interested in the honey!  Bless you for your posts and recipes!!!  I'm in the Ogden area.

I just joined, this is one of the first pages I have looked at and I am so excited!  Please let me know about the honey also.  I am in Salem, Ut.  Thanks.

I'm interested in buying some raw honey too please.

For anyone interested in the recipe he pretty much outlines it in the post:

Fill a bowl with 1/2  Romaine lettuce, and 1/2 baby spinach leaves (how much you put in the bowl depends on how many people you are feeding)
one part apple cider vinegar (may substitute balsamic vinegar),
one part water,
two parts honey,
and two parts whole strawberries,
a dash of rosemary, basil, and thyme
I presume you put all this in the blender and bled until nice and smooth. Again, the amount depends on the amount of salad you are making. So let's use 1/4 cup for example. It would be this:
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (may substitute balsamic vinegar),
1/4 cup  water,
1/2 cup  honey,
1/2 cup whole strawberries,
a dash of rosemary, basil, and thyme
These ingredients you can eyeball according to how big your salad is. 
goat cheese,
chopped nuts,
some sliced strawberries,
pomegranate seeds,
and some slices of mandarin oranges (cut in half),


Can't wait to try this! I'm putting this on my recipe list for next week. My husband loves strawberry salad and this is just different enough to make me want to try it! Adding whole strawberries to the dressing is genius! 

Thanks for the great salad idea, it sounds wonderful!  I too am interested in the raw honey.  Where is it local to in Utah?


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