Do you remember what it is like to have your body vibrate at the speed of love, joy, and accomplishment? Do you want to see things clearly, think accurately, feel accordingly, and act with greater alignment to truth than you do now? Do you believe that what you see, think, feel, and do impacts your happiness or that your health impacts the way these four things harmonize within you? I have come to know the best dietary lifestyle programs in the world while coming to better understand why the body reacts the way it does to various dietary lifestyle changes. This has been an exhilarating process that began in 2000 after my health turned around for the better in an extraordinary manner. The improvement did not occur due to contributions of science, or medicine, or because of any of the great books that exist today on dietary lifestyle. My health turned around because I turned to God to learn what was required to be healthy. Because I asked and was willing to receive, He shared a dietary pattern with me that enabled me to overcome a decade of poor health.

The great thing about recognizing patterns the Lord gives us in our lives is that his counsels trump all other counsels and they fail not. He knows the inner workings of the body in perfect detail. By comparison, government recommendations, the teachings of science; the advice of doctors or other health gurus to often fails and we are sometimes left to ask, what are we to do? It can become confusing and even heartbreaking, especially with the myriad voices on the subject!

After restoring my health by following God's Dietary Pattern for Man in 2000, I came to know I was unqualified to share my experience with others and was unqualified do so. This occurred in 2000. From 2000 to 2005 I was prepared to write the book Original Fast Foods. From 2005 to 2010 I came to understand the philosophies and teachings of men on this subject and how to teach them. Recently I've been redirected to God's specific Dietary Pattern for Man and to teach it as the basis for human health, without mingling the philosophies of man on the subject.

During the last ten years I have allowed my body to become a laboratory of sorts, subjecting it to the wisdom of science, the recommendations of the USDA, medicine, and even good and not so good men. I now know first hand how my body responds to the recommendations of Fuhrman, McDougall, Esselstein, Barnard, Ornish, Mercola, Atkins, the USDA, and to the dietary recommendations of Harvard and Brigham Young University. Whether high-carb, low-carb, or in between I've not just tried them, but have come to know why each works to the extent it does.

I have learned what is sustainable, why it is sustainable, and what is not sustainable. I possess a sound and informed opinion regarding the various popular diets and weight-loss protocols that exist today. During this time I've studied the metabolic pathways upon which each of these diets depend, and I have referred to peer-reviewed science at each juncture to seek more deeply to understand the inner workings of the body. It has been an exhilarating experience.

During these past ten years of study, writing, and working directly with many of you I have merely come to understand why God's Dietary Pattern for Man is perfect and why all other patterns and recommendations are inferior to His pattern. I have come to understand why it is imperative that I sacrifice those things which do not align with His pattern, if I want to enjoy the blessings associated with his higher truths.

Ten Reasons to Fully Enlist God's Involvement
I invite you to follow this blog as we explore a pattern of eating together that fails not. In spite of my diligence as it pertains to this subject, I am a fool; and, because I am a fool, I must include He who is not a fool in our discussions concerning these matters. Allow me to share ten powerful reasons to include God as you seek to overcome the philosophies of man on this subject and embrace His simple truths more fully.

• First, he is above all. There is no greater authority in the universe regarding how man should eat in order to enjoy his greatest vitality potential.
• Second, he is merciful and kind and in spite of our weaknesses and flip-flopping in dietary lifestyle matters--running here and there after blind guides--God will never give up on you and always stands ready to help when you are ready to employ his help.
• Third, there is no variableness in Him; the dietary pattern he gave yesterday is the same as the one he gave today, and will be the one he gives tomorrow. Only man's manipulation and even dishonor to his pattern varies.
• Fourth, he is a God of truth and cannot lie, even about diet. Into his hands you can commit your spirit and your will with great assurance and a brightness of hope knowing fully that he cannot lie and that his works in your behalf are perfect and without iniquity--from generation to generation.
• Fifth, he is no respecter of persons; your privilege to come to know and succeed in these matters is equal to mine and to every other persons' regardless of rank, stature, wealth, and so forth. This is his unconditional guarantee. Your success absolutely matters to him.
• Sixth, he is omniscient; he is the only one who knows you perfectly; and, his counsels to you in these matters shall not fail.
• Seventh, he is powerful and can deliver you from any evil--whether in heaven, on earth, within your body, or in hell--that would tend toward your failure or destruction in these matters.
• Eighth, he is just and you may submit to his guidance and will knowing that any sacrifice you make, as you overcome a lesser diet, will be met with a just reward.
• Ninth, his judgement is perfect; no matter how difficult the road may be for you or how much sacrifice you may have to make, he will ask nothing of you that you cannot do. Moreover, he will judge your sacrifices perfectly and you will receive a full reward for your sufferings.
• Tenth, he loves you perfectly and desires only your happiness; when you overlay this attribute upon the other excellent qualities of his character, this fact alone can enable you to proceed forward with certitude or assurance in a happy outcome. You can go forward knowing that his perfect and unconditional love influences everything that will be asked of you.

If you ever thought of inviting others to participate in a dietary lifestyle challenge with you, this is the time to do so. The pattern for success you will learn in the related blogs that will follow will work for everyone. I am not the author of this pattern, nor do I seek to be a popular health guru in the eyes of men. I am a fool and a simple messenger of one whose perfect eye is upon us all. I seek only to teach according to the will of He who sustains and gives me life.

In the very near term I will launch a six month challenge that will be based entirely upon God's Dietary Pattern for Man. It will revolutionize the health of those who follow the recommendations of the challenge. I invite you to fully consider participation and to prepare yourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically by reading the forthcoming preparatory blogs. Moreover, I recommend that you read Original Fast Foods from cover to cover, even if you have done so previously.

Original Fast Foods is the manual that has been prepared on this subject to best enable and enhance the outcome of the six-month challenge; a fresh understanding of its teachings is required in order to participate in the challenge in a meaningful and successful way.

All my best!
James Daniel Simmons

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Comment by Jinger Cloward on October 19, 2010 at 12:01am
Well, Shoot me an email as to this next challange. I am sure that others have their story but yours seems close to my heart. Knowing that I have been in the Lords hands but having NO idea where He desired to take me, I have been in and out of doctors, leaving them all stumped and my pocketbook empty. I have studied herbs, tried herbs, visited natural doctors, counted carbs, gone "raw," and a bit more to wind up here as part of my journey pleading for wisdom and feeling that I am on the right track. You've written a book on food and healthy living and who knows, maybe some day I will aid other mothers who just aren't making it! If not, I've simply had an interesting ride place under my belt. Unfortunatly, I have yet to figure out how to apply THIS knowledge to the point of success. I am terrible (!) with numbers and have a hard time reasoning them. I struggle knowing how to obtain a c/p/f ratio for my body! Do you think you can help me on this? Regardless, thank you for your pearls of wisdom... I keep them happily in my pocket of jewels!
Comment by Patricia Anne Anderson on October 14, 2010 at 8:20pm
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, inspiration, and insights with us. I enjoy your blogs so much -- and I empathize so much. I have dealt with various chronic health problems for decades, and I too have felt confused and frustrated at times, seemingly "tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine" as I have treated myself as a guinea pig. And after all is said and done, I too had come to the conclusion that the smartest thing to do is to stick with the Lord's plan. So I really resonate with everything you have to say. I have seen my health improve as I have implemented healthier eating practices; it's just so hard to be consistently committed. That's why I so appreciate your e-mails and blogs. They help keep me motivated and focused. Thanks again. You're doing a great work.
Comment by Eve Orr on October 11, 2010 at 11:22am
I agree with Carolyn and Alice; there are a lot of challenges to eating this way. When everyone in the office is eating cookies, when the menu at the church social isn't healthy, when you visit adult children who serve up cheesy pasta with cake for dessert, when business meetings are held at never ends. I lost 35 pounds on Daniel's Challenge and have gained back about 10. My husband is supportive of me eating this way, but he "doctors" the healthy meals I fix by adding meat and sometimes cheese. Also the recipes make enough to feed an army and in our empty-nesters' home, I sometimes feel that I'm the only one eating the leftovers. Even good food when eaten for 5 or 6 consecutive meals becomes unexciting.

I'm beginning to understand that I am human and weak and will not always succeed in sticking to it. My conclusion is that I will make it a goal to eat healthily when I can. I will strive to be more faithful about incorporating exercise into my schedule. I will freeze leftovers when I can to allow more variety in my diet (fortunately many of the recipes seem to freeze well.) Over time I will develop new habits that will overcome some of these challenges, enough to enable me to achieve my target weight - still some 40 pounds away - and maintain better health. I have to believe it can be done!
Comment by Alice Osborne on October 11, 2010 at 10:36am
I'd like to respond to Mary Ann's comment re: gluten issues: If you soak your grains overnight then dehydrate them on low--THEN grind them for your flour, gluten issues are no longer a problem. (Source for this information is the book, NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon.) Also, just to vent a little: I agree with Carolyn Clark in this is a challenge in more ways than one--I do not have the support of my husband so it gets discouraging. All that said, it's still the best way to eat--and I'm excited to try it again!
Comment by Carolyn Clark on October 11, 2010 at 10:24am
I did the Six Week challenge with you in the late spring and lost 18 lbs. I cannot seem to keep with it. With weddings and family reunions and trips I have gained back 10! It is difficult when the children at home (ages 13,16 and 18) do not support me. My husband does. It's hard to prepare foods that only you and your husband eat. Vegetables don't seem to call out to you the way meats and grains do. I hope you can address some of these issues. I will re-read the book. Thank you for your support and dedication.
Comment by Jennifer Horne on October 11, 2010 at 9:30am
I, too, look forward to this challenge! Thank you for showing the way.
Comment by Evetta Sue Averett on October 11, 2010 at 9:07am
Thank you for doing this! I am excited to get started.
Comment by MB on October 11, 2010 at 7:27am
You know, Jim, another reason to look to God in the food we eat is because he is the master chemist and the master scientiest. He created the plants and the herbs that are on this earth and he created them in a specific way for a specific reason. When we alter what he created in any way before we consume it - we cannot blame him for the outcome, it is simply a natural consequence of a choice we made. It is an act of faith on our part even now to trust that God knew what we would need for nourishment when in the beginning he said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 1:29) (As you know, His first commandments to man did NOT include any animal products.)
Comment by Diana Kay Baker on October 10, 2010 at 5:28pm
I am excited to become as I once was, but with the added maturity of my years. Thank you for this upcoming opportunity to try and try again and to succeed.
Comment by Sandra L Sullivan on October 10, 2010 at 5:05pm
I am excited about this challenge - I am a type 2 diabetic and anything I can do to stay healthy
I am interested in. Thank You.


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