Today there are so many competing notions regarding weight loss and a healthful dietary lifestyle. There is only one true Master dietician. He is the ultimate chemist and is omniscient. He knows you and me perfectly and understands the detailed and complex workings of metabolism. He understands where the seed of health lies in your body and how to overcome any poor health conditions you face. Regardless of the current state of your body, he alone can diagnose and prescribe the perfect cure; he doesn't even have to be licensed with the AMA to do so:)

If you want to enjoy the best weight-loss or healing program in the world, then study and ponder His words on the subject of diet in an attitude of fasting and prayer, and with an utter real intent to know and to follow his ordained pattern of eating. Once you know his ordained pattern, covenant with him to follow it with the exactness of a mustard seed (see mustard seed blogs). By so doing you enable faith as a principle of action and as a principle of power.

Faith as a principle of action is to simply follow the ordained pattern with exactness. Because you are doing his will when you choose to live by his ordained eating pattern, then faith as a principle of power is enabled as you call upon Him for the additional help you will need while in the path--similar to how I received the help needed to obtain food for my family in Mustard Seed, Part 2.

When you know the pattern to follow, begin to follow it immediately and with exactness. When you combine faith as a principle of action (do the right thing now!) and as a principle of power, through following his will and not yours, in what you seek to accomplish, there is nothing that shall be impossible to you and with certainty you will attain your ideal body weight and vitality potential.

If you want the best weight-loss program in the world, and the best long-term health maintenance program in the world then come to understand the important roles of faith as a principle of action and as a principle of power. Apply faith in such a manner and continue in the path and you will receive an absolute assurance in your soul that you will succeed--and, you will succeed so long as you continue in the path according to his pattern.

There is no health guru in the world that can do this for you, or who can bless you with the Spirit of the Lord to teach you more perfectly as you proceed in the path. There is one master; you can read from the best books; you can enjoy forums, blogs, call-in shows, doctor visits, and so forth--which are all helpful and which contain truth. However, at the end of the day, you must bring the Lord squarely into this part of your life and ask for the divine help he is so willing to provide. He alone knows you perfectly and how to adapt the application of true principles to meet your specific needs.

Moreover, if you will bring him into the crossroads of these decisions in your life, you will find that you will also bring him squarely into all things in your life. Too often, in our repeated failures, he is the last one we seek, when indeed he ought to be the first and we should call upon him without ceasing until we hear his voice in the matter and/or see his face. In Hebrew the word covenant is directly tied to knowing God. When you covenant appropriately with God, you come to know Him because by keeping your covenants, he is bound to send his spirit to help you--as needed. The more intimate you become with his spirit, the more you know him, until at last you see his face.

Faith as a Principle of Action: The mustard seed knows the ordained pattern of operation that he is to follow and he follows it with exactness, so must you first know and then do with exactness. Similarly, just as the armies of Helaman executed the commands of their leader with exactness, we must first know what it is we are to do and then we must do it with exactness.

Faith as a Principle of Power: The mustard seed, as he follows the ordained pattern of operation with exactness (action), still must rely upon God to meet specific needs he cannot meet alone, such as water, sunshine, and the elements of the earth; so too, must you call upon God for your needs in these matters, whatever they may be. When you act according to His Will, then with power you can invoke and call down the needed blessings in your life.

If you do these things, you will quite effortlessly succeed and will be adorned as the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin, yet are adorned so beautifully...

This week I will share two dietary patterns that I believe are ordained by God. The first will be for weight loss and healing; the second will be for long-term health maintenance. To the extent you receive a confirmation regarding these patterns, follow them to first attain and then to maintain your ideal body weight and vitality potential. To the extent you do not believe these patterns to be of God, please disregard them. I am not a health guru; I am just an author who has sought diligently to know the truth in these matters. I am also a fool and am subject to error; therefore, you are ultimately responsible to know and act according to the Lord's Spirit in your life.

James Daniel Simmons

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Comment by Julia Vance on October 19, 2010 at 9:49am
Thank you, Brother Simmons!
These have been such wonderful and thought provoking posts. I cannot wait for the next ones each day!


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