Any fly fisherman knows that when driven by hunger, a trout will gulp flies made of synthetic thread and metal hooks – if they’re appealing enough. Hypothetically, if a trout were to ingest a whole tackle box of flies, its stomach would be filled, but it would probably be sick …and it would still be voraciously hungry.

   The lesson of this tale is that the fish’s appetite is REAL; it is only the lures that are bogus. A live insect would not only complete the trout’s requirement, it would stop the fish from eating any more.

   On a parallel, when I have a food craving, my nutritional need is real. But if I binge on Twinkies, I cannot be satisfied. In fact, I may feel even greater desires to eat more. Yet here is the truth: by feasting on the bounties of nature’s harvest instead, my cravings disappear! The more live, whole food I eat, the less I am drawn to “plastic and cardboard” counterfeits. I loose my desire for fake foods, dressed up as treats, convenient snacks, comfort foods, and appetite pleasers. When I feel an urge to snitch a tempting sugar-fix or fat-fill-up, it is essential to eat “life.”

    There is a spiritual parallel. When the body is tempted to indulge in any destructive behavior (drugs, alcohol, pornography, or other forms of self-gratification), there is a legitimate need. The reality to remember is that the self-destructive behavior is a fisherman’s lure; it cannot please for more than an instant, then the hunger will reappear. The nutritional component my soul needs is divine love.

    I can cure and prevent spiritual cravings just as I can physical ones by feasting on what truly brings vibrancy to my being. Gratitude, service, worship and selflessness are all ways that I can “ingest” God’s love and fill my soul with nourishing, sustaining love. When I am enticed to engage in selfish behaviors, it is vital to “eat life.”

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