Promised Blessings!

All who give proper temporal care to their body; and who also forsake sin and come unto Christ, and call on his name for deliverance from evil, and who receive and obey divine instructions receive the the temporal and spiritual blessings that are enumerated below.

Health in the Navel and Marrow to the Bones

Health in the Navel is a promise from God to provide constant nourishment to both body and spirit, as covenant keepers walk in the path to become true sons and daughters of God. This promise can be likened to a mother who nourishes a fetus in her womb through an umbilical connection to the navel of the fetus, until it becomes a “whole child.” So too, God promises to nourish the obedient both temporally and spiritually, 24/7, until we become like him. To receive this promise of 24/7 temporal and spiritual nourishment, we must live worthy to receive the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, who is God’s umbilicus to the obedient, through which all of God’s blessings flow from God to man—according to truth, wisdom, mercy, justice, and love.

Marrow to the Bones: Marrow in bones produces red blood cells, white blood cells, and progenitor cells (a.k.a. stem cells). Each perform vital roles, which roles are types and shadows that bear witness to God’s promises to all who walk in obedience to him. What then do red blood cells, white blood cells, and progenitor cells do? Each are released from bone marrow into the bloodstream to perform their roles throughout the body.

As blood passes through the lungs, oxygen attaches to red blood cells and is transported into the bloodstream and from there into every tissue and cell in the body, to help fuel cellular metabolism. This is a type and shadow of God’s promise that the breath of life will never be extinguished from the obedient, until they achieve their allotted time on earth and finish the work God sent us to earth to do.

White blood cells created in bone marrow also circulate through the blood. They serve to protect the body 24/7 from bacteria, antigens, pathogens, and other harmful influences. The mortal body would quickly be overcome and die without this protective line of defense being made possible by white blood cells. This temporal blessing is a type and shadow of the Lord’s promise to deliver us from every form of evil that we must face in life, as we ascend to receive a fulness of his light and truth.

Our deliverance from evil occurs day to day, forsake temptations of evil and come unto Christ, and call on His name, to receive the further light and knowledge needed to defend ourselves from each form of evil that confronts us from day to day. Satan is given power to tempt us to do evil and to try us, but as we walk in faith, we are given the light and knowledge we need to crush Satan’s head, or in other words, trample upon every form of evil that seeks to prevent us from receiving a fulness of the Father’s light and truth and doing the work we were sent here to do.

Stem cells or progenitor cells are also created in bone marrow 24/7. They are released from the bones into the bloodstream to become replacement cells for worn out and damaged cells of every variety. For example, endothelial progenitor cells replace worn out endothelial cells, which line the life-giving cardiovascular network of the body. Thus, progenitor cells renew, regenerate, and re-create blood vessel walls, keeping them youthful, flexible, and able to dilate and constrict, in exact proportion to the blood flow needed to best meet the body’s needs.

The constant renewal to the body provided by progenitor cells that replace worn out cells, bear witness to God’s promise to renew, regenerate, and re-create the obedient, as we receive further light and knowledge from day to day, until we receive of His fulness.

In summary, Heath in the Navel and Marrow to the bones is God’s promise that all who walk in obedience to God will receive their allotted time on earth; and power over every form of evil; and constant renewal, regeneration, and re-creation of body and spirit, as we ascend in grace to become joint heirs, with Christ to receive all that the Father hath.

And You Shall Find Wisdom and Great Treasures of Knowledge

Wisdom is the foundation of sound decisions and productive actions, which enable us to act with clear and decisive purpose and without recklessness or foolishness that leads to setbacks, failures, strife, contention, captivity, or destruction. While walking in wisdom’s paths, doing the Lord’s will, the Lord gives us experiences, which lead us to receive great treasures of redeeming knowledge, which would otherwise remain hidden to us behind our veil of unbelief.

What is the veil of unbelief? It is everything we disbelieve that is true, and everything we believe to be true that is false. Unbelief is the sum of all lies that we hold to both knowingly and unknowingly, which prevent us from receiving further light and knowledge that God wants to send us. Unbelief exists because of personal sins, which have allowed Satan to steal light and truth from us. It also exists because of false traditions and creeds of our forefathers, which are so riveted upon the hearts of the children of men that they cause much confusion and a cloud of darkness. Each such lie gives Satan a claim upon and power over us, which claim remains until we surrender our unbelief to God and walk into the fulness of his light and truth.

When we give away any sin and its' accompanying lies to know God, Satan loses his claim upon us and his power over us in that thing. Through such repentance, Jesus Christ then lays claim upon the Father’s mercy for us, and God then sends to us the further light and knowledge we need through the power of the Holy Ghost. Thus, we receive great treasures of knowledge, even treasure which formerly laid hidden from us behind things we believed to be true that were false, and things that are true, which we once disbelieved.

As we ascend daily to receive further light, truth, and power over Satan, there comes a time when he has no more power over us, and in this path we become firm, steadfast, and immovable in our love of God and all men.

And You Shall Run and Not Be Weary, and Walk and Not Faint

As we gain power over evil, as described above our power to do the work of redemption increases and we cease to grow weary in the good we are called to do, and we do not faint in our walk to carry the burdens that our placed upon us in the work we are chosen to do. In Isaiah, chapter 40, Isaiah contrasts the works and dominions of our weariless Lord, to the collective works and dominions of all king’s who have ever lived on earth. Their works and dominions are counted as less than a drop in a bucket, compared to the works and dominions of our weariless and powerful Lord.

Mortal men grow weary and require rest and sleep, including young men who are in the prime of life, and old men, as well as the great kings of the earth. Each grow weary while performing the labors of this life. Yet, the Lord promised through Isaiah that the obedient in covenant Israel will ascend to receive the Lord’s weariless state, as described in verse 31, which begins, "But they that wait upon the Lord..." In Hebrew, to wait upon the Lord, or to hope in the Lord, mean the same thing. To wait or hope upon the Lord is to press forward in faith while keeping one’s covenants, with a perfect brightness of hope in the covenant promises as they are described above. Such hope leads men to do God’s perfect will in all things. Each “act” of obedience, leads men to receive further light, knowledge and power over evil, until they become filled with God’s glory—from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Isaiah continues, "...Shall renew their strength..." All such saints are continually renewed, regenerated, and re-created—both temporally and spiritually—as they ascend in grace to receive a fulness of God’s light and truth (his intelligence or glory). It is his knowledge or intelligence that gives men power over Satan’s darkness and lies, until such men receive power over every form of evil, which opposes his daily walk with God... "And they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."Eagles mount up on their wings to carry their eaglets to high, inaccessible places of safety from predators. They also mount up to soar above turbulent weather and storm clouds to calmer skies. In Hebrew, mount up means to go up, ascend, or to go up over a boundary. Here, we see that the Lord promises to give to the obedient, strength to overcome every form of opposition that they must face to become like him, and to help their posterity to do the same.

In Exodus we read, “You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. Now, if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession.” (Exodus 18:4–5) These great promises are given to all who wait (or hope) upon the Lord, doing his will with unwearyingness and without fear of men, seeking not their own life, but seeking only to do the Lord’s will and to keep His commandments. All such are favored of the Lord and are made mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; even that all things are done, according to their commands, for they do not ask for, or do that which is contrary to God’s will. 

And they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint: The mortal bodies of Enoch and his people; and Melchizedek and his people; and Moses, Elijah, John the beloved, and other holy men we know not of—experienced a change from their mortal condition, which needs daily rest and sleep, to a condition in the body that is somewhere between mortality and immortality, which needs neither rest nor sleep. This condition is referred to as a translated state. Translated beings are not subject to disease, death, temptation, or sorrow—except sorrow for the sins of the world; and, they do the work of redemption 24/7. This translated condition was experienced by most all saints that lived on earth during the 700 years following the ascension of Enoch and his people to heaven. They never tasted of death, and ascended to join Enoch and his people in Zion above, to become ministering angels with them, to men on this earth and in other worlds.

Isaiah refers to saints who become either translated or resurrected beings, as nursing kings and queens. Nursing Kings and Queens administrate over all things temporal, while Priests and Priestesses administrate over all things things spiritual. We are to grow in light, truth, and power to do both. John refers to these translated beings as the 144,000 who have the Father’s name sealed on their foreheads, who he saw had ascended in grace to become sanctified, pure, and holy. The 144,000 is a symbolic representation of 12,000 people from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, which symbolizes that God’s covenant promises are poured out equally upon every part of the house of Israel.

These are they who through Jesus Christ become sanctified by the power of the Holy Ghost, and are made clean every whit and anointed with Christ's power from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet (i.e. head, ears, eyes, nose, lips, neck, shoulders, back, breast, vitals and bowels, arms and hands, loins, and legs and feet)—having overcome the natural man in all things to become spiritually begotten and endowed with God’s power. These are they who become fully endowed members of the Church of the Firstborn. Each are given power to run and not be weary and to walk and not faint, as they do the work of redemption 24/7.

The Destroying Angel Will Pass You By and Not Slay You

The long-awaited time will soon come upon earth when the Lord will send forth his destroying angels to destroy all wickedness from off the face of the earth. The work of destroying angels is to gather the tares (those who are wicked), from the wheat (those who are righteous). The righteous are being gathered from every portion of the earth in two steps: step one is “fishers” who are sent forth (Latter-day missionaries) to preach the gospel throughout the world. From those who receive the fulness of the gospel, the Lord is strengthening and preparing a covenant people, until a sanctified, pure, and holy people emerge who can build the City of Zion in the New Jerusalem.

In this day the lost ten tribes who have their own prophets will come forth to Zion to receive their endowment. Christ has visited them personally, and they will come forth from the North countries in a show of great power that will exceed the show of power that the Lord manifested to Moses and the House of Israel anciently. These will come forth with their own prophets who will lead and guide them to Zion, where they will receive from Ephraim all of the Lord’s promised blessings, which pertain to the House of Israel.

In the process of time, while being nurtured in Zion, each of the 12 tribes of Israel will become sanctified, pure, and holy. They will become as scriptures describes, sweet fruit; and among the 12 tribes, each will be equal in their goodness, righteousness, power, and love. From each of the 12 tribes, 12,000 (perhaps this number is merely symbolic equality), will receive a sealing of God’s name in their foreheads, and will become fully endowed, exalted beings, or nursing Kings and Queens.

These will then go forth with an innumerable company of both resurrected and translated beings from Zion to every nation, to “hunt out” (fishing has passed and hunting has begun) the righteous from the four quarters of the earth and bring them to Zion. These will go forth appearing to whomsoever they will, and they will pass through the calamities, wars, and destruction that has befallen the earth—to bring the righteous to Zion, which will be the only place of safety and refuge—on an earth that is being cleansed of all wickedness by destroying angels.

These, and the innumerable company that will go forth with them, will pass through the destruction that is befalling the wicked, without harm coming upon them and those whom they are bringing to Zion. Rather, the righteous will be gathered in, and the wicked will be destroyed. There will be no place for the wicked to hide in that day—no hole in the rocks, no cave, and no place on the earth or deep within the earth, or even above the earth. None can hide from those who are sorting the wheat from the tares.

Nothing will be left unturned to find the righteous and to destroy all wickedness from off the face of the earth. This is the meaning of the great and dreadful day of the Lord; it will be great for the righteous and dreadful for the wicked. The destruction of the wicked will make way for the long awaited millennial era of the earth, where none shall hurt or make afraid in all the Lord’s holy mountain.

These promises are given both in scripture and through ordinances in the Lord’s Holy Temples. They point the direction that we should aim in our worship—which is to become clean every whit and endowed with the power of our Lord’s righteousness—from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet. These promises help us to remember God’s perfect love for his children, and they enable us with the faith, hope, and charity we need to do whatsoever the Lord asks of us.

Summary: Yes, it truly matters that we do not destroy this temple or mortal body in which God's spirit is to dwell. The higher the frequency is of our mortal body, the more easily that God can send to us the further light and knowledge he desires to send us. It matters that we forsake sin and come unto Christ, and call on his name, and obey his voice, and keep his commandments. In this path alone will we come to see his face, know him, and become like him.

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