Almond Milk

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With just soaked and rinsed almonds (8+ hours), you can add water, blend, and strain to create almond milk that can be used for dressings, icecream, and more! Precise ingredient amounts included in Original Fast Foods.

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  • Colleen, where did YOU get your jelly mesh bag? Thanks, Alice
  • The best almonds to use are the raw, unpasteurized ones. The raw ones you get in the store are pasteurized, and therefore, don't "sprout" during the soaking phase.
  • NUT MILK BAGS: On ebay I found this: Ebay number: 380212914027 NUT MILK - sprouting bag - raw food
    Item condition: New
    Quantity 5 NUT MILK BAGS
    Eleastic Top, Nylon mesh, Gallon size $ 9.49 (Free shipping) She gives some tips for use on her site. If you go into ebay and see what else she is selling you will see that she also has smaller and larger auctions other than 5, however, I felt 5 would be most useful in the kitchen. She is a "white witch" so please be tolerant with her site. I have a close friend that is a "white witch" and she follows so many of the Gospel pricniples. My husband tells her she is just a Dry Mormon because she hasn't gotten baptized yet. :)
  • Ruth Ann, I found a nut milk bag on, which I think I'm going to order. Just go to and search for "nut milk bag", and it has one for $11.95. It looks similar to the one in the video and has great reviews. I hope this helps.
  • I'm with Maren, ...Where do we purchase the nut bag you show in the video? Please post internet link. Thanks!
  • We don't remove the skins; they become a part of the pulp that we get when we strain the milk. The pulp can be used for many things, from face masks to being used as ingredients for cookies, to being turned into salad crunchies. Mix them with your favorite healthful dressing, and any other ingredients you wouldn't mind putting over the top of salad; spread the past out on a teflex sheet about a quarter inch thick and then dehydrate them. Once dry break them up into pieces that go well over a salad. They store a long time. Jim
  • Do you remove the skin on the almonds before you blend the almonds with water?
  • Where can I buy a nylon mesh strainer bag?
  • Colleen and I will make a video on creating rice milk. It is quick and easy to make and is very delicious. Jim!
  • Since I am unable to use nuts due to an alleregy, can I use other milk and if so what kind do you recommed?
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