Basic Quinoa

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Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that can be used in any vegetable dish. Basic preparation requires one unit quinoa to two units water. For example cook one cup quinoa in two cups water, just as you would cook oatmeal.

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  • It begins to form a sprout in just 24 hours during the warm summer months. If you are just bringing it to life, that is sufficient. I don't know how long it takes to form leaves. I've not sprouted it to the leafy state.
  • How long would you say it take to sprout quinoa?



  • Rebecca, we have sprouted quinoa on several occasions and have also included it in the crackers from time to time. It sprouts fairly quickly.
  • Were you able to sprout quinoa?  Did you include it in your flax/buckwheat crackers?
  • We are trying something new this week with quinoa; if it turns out, we will make a video of it. We are sprouting it and including it in our flax/buckwheat crackers, plus adding some sesame seeds. I'm kind of excited about the possibility of another healthful crunchy raw treat!
  • I agree. I need to remember to do that.
  • Thanks Joan for the reminder. We also like soaking this grain overnight and rinsing it before cooking.
  • I really like Quinoa and use it like rice or cereal. There is one thing you didn't mention. Quinoa has bitter coating call saponin and if not washed off can make some people ill as it did me. I pour the grain into my wire mesh strainer and rub it between my thumbs and fingers or between my palms to remove this coating. It doesn't take a lot of rubbing to remove it. Rinse and cook as directed.
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