Chocolate or Unbutternut Ice Creams

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Enjoy making chocolate or Unbutternut Pecan Ice Cream. They are simple to make and delightful to eat. Even though we show the chocolate ice cream being completed, the Unbutternut Pecan is routinely a class favorite. Be sure to try it too!

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  • Where do you buy your dates?

  • We make this a couple of different ways, one according to the instructions on page 141 of Original Fast Foods and the other as Colleen made it in this video. The idea is to create enough of the base to fit into your ice cream maker, whether it is a 1.5 or 2 quart maker. For our 2 quart ice cream freezer we use about 6 cups of almond milk, a couple of bananas, and 2 to 4 Tbs of natural peanut butter (to taste preference), vanilla to taste (1 to 2 tsp), 8 pitted Medjool dates. You can also add the meat and water of a young coconut, if desired, but it isn't necessary. Add all ingredients to blender and then add almond milk until you get to 1/2 cup less than your ice cream mixer's capacity and then blend ingredients. Pour this all into the mixer and then add your add-ins into the mixer. Fore example, for the Unbutternut pecan you would then add the chopped pecans to the mix so they can stir in well as the ice cream freezes. If you make chocolate, just add the cocoa to taste and if desired, add some strawberry slices or chunks or raspberries directly into the ice cream mixer after you blend the other ingredients. We tried a lot of strange ice cream blends as we came to learn that as long as the base that you blend up in your blender tastes good to you, it will make a great ice cream. Therefore, make your adjustments to the base to create just the flavor you want. For example, when making chocolate instead of butternut, the young coconut, or coconut flakes really augment the flavor of the chocolate. Again, it comes back to personal preference. Once the base is made and you place it into the freezer, its going to turn into ice cream and maintain the flavor of the base. Enjoy your creative license and have fun!
  • What are the exact amounts of the ingredients? Looks great!
  • I make this one all the time. You can make it without the peanut butter, for those with nut allergies. I add some (5-6) frozen strawberries to the blender and it makes it colder so it freezes faster, and tastes great, too. Since it is mostly fruit, it not only is NOT BAD for you, it is actually GOOD for you. Eat up!
  • Costco now carries this icecream maker (Cuisinart 1.5 qt). We just bought ours last week. Good Luck!
  • Yes i can't wait to make this. where do i find this ice cream maker .Pam
  • where do find a ice cream maker. Jan
  • Oh my gosh! I just made this and pour it it into popsicle molds. I can't wait until it is frozen - unfrozen it is wonderful! This is ice cream my kids can have everyday if they want. Just need to make my own PB and it is almost raw vegan - just the cocoa powder is processed (sorry I don't want to pay _that_ much money :))
  • Are these videos okay to have while on Daniel's Challenge, or are they for after the six weeks?

    Are there some types of ice cream freezers that work better for making this recipe or will the old fashioned kind with rock salt work as well?
  • Is there a way to make this safe for someone with nut allergies?
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